Halal Food in Korea: Part 2

What is the meaning of Halal?
Halal (Arabic:حلال, Halal); means lawful or legal) is a term designating any object or an action which is permissible to use or engage in, according to Islamic law. It is the opposite of haraam. The term is used to designate food seen as permissible according to Islamic law (Sharia, الشريعة الإسلامية).(Source: Wikipedia)

How to find Halal food in Korea?
When I walked around Seoul, I did not come across restaurants catering Halal food other than in Itaewon. However, most of them are Indian, Turkish, Pakistan and Middle East food. I have tried the turkish kebab twice. Once with Tutie and Hanim while we were in Itaewon and another by myself. Read more here.I'm hoping to find Halal Korean food restaurant in Seoul in future.

Check Muslim food guide in Korea by KNTO in here for the list of Halal restaurants in South Korea and download the pdf here. Check recommended islamic and indian cuisine restaurants in Seoul, here.

Korean foods that I have tried
You must be confused on how I could enjoy Korean food when there was no Halal label donned by the restaurants, right?

Warning: I am not endorsing that any of the food listed below is Halal (meaning with Halal label approved by Korean Islamic Federation) but I had tried my best to avoid food which was impermissible, doubtful or questionable. If you hesitate, unsure and doubtful, don't eat the food.
Bibimbap at Hongik.
Dwenjang jjigae at Kimbap Nara
Tteokpokki at Sindangdong
Tteok - Korean rice cake at Chunyang and Santisuk
Tuna Kimbap from Family Mart
Chungmu Kimbap at Myeongdong
Haemul Buchu Jjeon / buchimgae by Miju's mother
Kalguksu at Busan University
Jjin pang at Jinbu
Hobak Juk at Gwangcheon
Jjampong and yanggeng at Jaesan Village
Chung guk jang at Tongyeong

What are your options?
Middle east food
Indian food
Vegetarian food
Permissible Korean food (if you know Hangul)
Bring food from your country

What did I say when I want to order these food?
I can't eat meat - 저는 고기를 못 먹어요 - jo nen gogi rel mommogo yo
I don't eat meat - 저는 고기를 안먹어요 - jo nen gogi rel an mogo yo
Please don't put meat - 고기를 넣지마세요 - gogi rel nohjimase yo
Please don't put ham - 햄을 넣지마세요 - hem el nohjimase yo
I don't drink alcohol -  저는 술 안 마셔요 - jo nen sus an masho yo
I can only eat vegetable and seafood - 야채와 해산물 요리를 먹을 수 있어요 - yache wa hesanmul yori rel mogelsu isso yo
I am a vegetarian - 저는 채식 주의자 예요 - jo nen cheshik juweeja ye yo

If you prefer to stay around Itaewon area where there are mushrooms of HALAL restaurants, you could check into one of these lodgings from Asiarooms.

Anyone interested to set up a Halal restaurant in Korea? Read the guide here.

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