Hongik Bab

We started the day very early in the morning. It was not that cold today and I brought the two to Hongik University to see the Coffee prince cafe but we couldn't find the correct filming location. Hence, we ended up taking pictures in front of the original cafe which was in a secluded area and the cafe seems so 'dead' like no one around to go there. It was lifeless. We thought that it was under renovation.

The road to Hongik University was fun and energetic. Maybe because there were many students and the items sold there was quite reasonable in price. We tried waffle with different flavors and ate it at the park nearby and met a few rowdy guys. I bet they thought they were cool but we were so disgusted cause they like spitting every minutes in front of us who were enjoying the waffle!!

After they left, we walked down the hills and I saw the Bab restaurant!! At the time, the bibimbap was 7,000 won.It used to be 5,000 won but we didn't care cause the ambience were cosy and the service was superb!! Hanim and me ate the bibimbap and Tutie tried sundubu chigae. The taste? - Awesome!! Visit them if you happened to be around the area.

Direction? Hehehe.. I forgot how but just walk up the road to Hongik University and ask around. ;)

Update: Mr Rafidi; a blogger reader has visited Bab Restaurant recently (8th November 2013). As per his info; the sundubu jjigae contains meat. So you can only consume the bibimbap or dwenjang jjigae.

How to go to Bab Restaurant, Hongdae?

Very easy. After you walk out from the exit 9, Hongik University station (Hongdae), line 2 - walk straight until you meet the traffic light. Turn right and walk up until you reach Hongdae University.

 Don't go up to the university, but just cross to the right side. If you walk up a bit more, you will see a small park, just like in the picture.

The Bab restaurant is just behind the park.

At the far right corner was the 'legendary' Hongik boys..haha.

Our favourite Hongik Bab.

2 happy kids get to eat!

We love the ambience.

If you don't like vegetables, skip this restaurant.

Happy with her sundubu chigae.

and her bibimbap.

My bibimbap!!


another funny shop name.

Penang in Hongik?! :O

Her favourite Nike.

yeah..only questions?? Hehe..