T´Way Baggage Allowance

A reader emailed me about T´way flight to Jeju Island:

Salam zarina,

Do you know the baggage limit for t'way? 

I tried to find the info on their website but all in korean. 

Do they have web check in like airasia? 

And normally how many hours earlier we can start to check in at the counter?

Really appreciate your help.


You can find the Term & Condition for T´Way Airlines at this website:


Don´t worry, it is in English. ^^
The information provided below is from the link above.

Answering the question for baggage limit:

Article 27 (Free Baggage Allowance for Passenger)
1. A passenger shall receive a free baggage allowance not to exceed 15 kilograms.
2. Carry-on baggage should be small enough to fit under the seat or overhead bin. In the event that the sum of the three dimensions of baggage exceeds 115 centimeters and/or the weight is more than 10 kilograms, the piece of baggage will not be allowed as free baggage. If size, weight or number of baggage is excessive, it is considered as a checked baggage.
3. Wheel chair used for the disabled himself is considered as a checked bagged.
4. As for an infant or child paid with discounted amount by 5,000KRW from adult fare, the same provisions of the Clause 1 and 2, and Article 28 apply.
5. Infant defined in Clause 1 of Article 14 of these conditions is not applied with the provision of Clause 4 of this Article and Article 28. However, either foldable stroller, baby carriage or baby car seat can be used as a free checked baggage. 

Answering the question for web check in:

Please read the Article 19 below.

It means you need to check in at the counter based on my understanding.

Answering the question for check-in time:

Article 19 (Arrival at the Airport)
1. A passenger should complete check-in and boarding procedures with enough time prior to departure of confirmed flight, and the carrier may refuse a passenger to board who did not complete the procedure (Seat assignment and check-inn of baggage) 20 minutes prior to departure.

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