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Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Seolbing 설빙 The Must Try Bingsu

A must-eat summer dessert!!

Seolbing or in Korean - 설빙 is definitely a gem. Not that I haven't tried bingsu / 빙수 / shaved ice before but it seems at the moment, Seolbing had me at my first spoon. Cheesy? Yup...full of it! You should never leave the cafe' without trying their cheese patbingsu.

I am bias when it comes to everything cheesy.  

The proof was: I had indulged myself twice in 2-days straight at the same cafe' (in Gangnam - at the time, this is the first Seolbing franchise in Seoul). 

First day with Feia - Injeolmi patbingsu and Injeolmi toast

Second day: Again with Feia and these crazy K-Pop kiddos - Azma and Alya

Those who might not be so keen to try the 'pat' of the bingsu - 팥 = red bean, then Seolbing also have new selections or seasonal menu like what they are having now: Mango & Cheese Bingsu. 

I am dying to try it! Wishing I am in Seoul instead of Madrid...but...but..but... T__T

What I like about Seolbing's bingsu is that that they serve snowy shaved ice instead of the coarse shaved ice which is the real deal. Soft and melting in your mouth with every spoonful. 

Anyway, my suggestion is to share the bingsu at least with two or three friends. Not that I doubt your ability to indulge a big bowl on your own but I was for sure could not finish it on my own. Try other menu too like their injeolmi toast. That is seriously delish! I kid you not..nyam..nyam..nyam. 

How to go to Seolbing?

As of now, Seolbing has so many franchise in Seoul area alone but I will just give you the directions where you can have them the easiest. 

서울시 마포구 서교동 358-37 2층
(Seoul-si, Mapo-gu, Seogyodong, 358-37, Level 2)

Once you go out from Hongik Station, Line 2 (green), Exit 9 ---go straight until you see a traffic light and then turn left to walk up the hill until the end of the road where you see the entrance of Hongik University. Then, cross the road and you will see a small playground. Walk up the hill to the playground and walk straight up. You will see Seolbing on your right on the second floor on top of Too Cool For School. My suggestion is to sit on the 4th floor if the weather is good. You can have a top view of Hongdae from there. ^^

Myeongdong Cafe 1 
서울 중구 명동 2가 55-2 번지 남경빌딩2층
(Seoul-si, Jung-gu, Myeongdong 2-ga, 55-2, Namgyeong Building, Level 2)

Once you walk out of Myeongdong Station, Line 4 (light blue), exit 6 --- go straight until you see Dunkin Donut's. Then turn left and walk straight until Vip's. Turn right, and you will see Seolbing is on your left, on the second floor, on top of Red Eye.

Myeongdong Cafe 2
서울 중구 명동 10 길 20, 2 층
(Seoul-si, Jung-gu, Myeongdong 10-gil, 20, Level 2)

Once you go out of Myeongdong station, Line 4 (light blue), Exit 8 --- walk straight. You walk pass M Plaza on your left. Right in front of Chungmu Kimbab 충무 김밥, you will see Seolbing on the second floor on top of Jipangi ice-cream 지팜이 아이스크림.

Warning: Seolbing Cafe' is always full house. Beware that you might need to queue up.

Opening time: From 10:30am / 11.00am to 10.30pm. Order stop at 10.00pm.

Check out their website: (in Korean).

Friday, 4 July 2014

Nasi Goncang Nami Island's Dosirak

If you go to Nami Island, some might suggest Nasi goncang as your lunch menu. Butttttttttt....hold your horses, you might be disappointed. 

There is nothing wrong with Nasi goncang or Dosirak (도시락) in Korean. The only fear factor is....tada...the kimchi! If you have never tried kimchi yet...and Nasi goncang is your first meal in Korea or your first ever Korean meal in your entire life, you might want to try other Korean meal first before trying this.

But if you are game for all means myself: I have an international stomach..hahaha.

Get your tongue accustomed to the kimchi taste. Sour and spicy fermented vegetables and in most occasion the chinese cabbage kimchi is the popular one served at many restaurants.

Hmm...Nasi goncang. I have stuffed this food like zillions of times...haha so over! No lah...actually I felt like I have reviewed Nasi goncang before but after checking out my posts on Nami Island, I haven't! Why oh memory was lost in the jungle somewhere unknown. 

Anyway, I've been frequenting Nami Island until I lost count these days. Even some of my Korean friends have never been to Nami Island! Am I considered more Korean than them? Nope...I am more touristy...kekeke.

Nasi goncang used to be like in 5,000 won range at the Drama Cafe' for all the Nasi goncang menu back in 2010 but I could not remember when they started to increase the menu to 6,500 won instead. 

The basic rice + kimchi + egg is still 5,000 won though. That is how basic Nasi goncang can get. They have the options of:
  1. Rice + kimchi + egg for 5,000 won
  2. Rice + kimchi + egg + cheese for 6,500 won 
  3. Rice + kimchi + egg + tuna for 6,500 won
Note: Price may differ

You can also order fish cake soup, seafood pancake or kimchi pancake and the price varies based on the picture above.

My review will be slightly bias....hmmm...nope. I guess pretty much bias hehe. Because I LOVE KIMCHI! In whatever form. The kimchi in Nasi goncang used to be quite sour but recently it has been better. 

Among my many guests that I brought to Nami Island, there was a Kelantanese group and the mother could not stomach the Nasi goncang citing it was too sour for her taste. I felt so so bad because I thought that I wanted to show the Korean culture from its food but it went so wrong! Mian he yo!

Wear your gloves to shake the hot Nasi goncang and make 
sure you wear it the right way. ^^

The restaurant serving Nasi goncang is called Drama Cafe and they have a Halal logo outside the restaurant. Inside the restaurant, there are many pictures of Winter Sonata's drama filming (which Nami Island is famous for among Malaysians) hung up the wall.

How to go to Drama Cafe'?

The Drama Cafe'

Once you arrived at Nami Island jetty, walk pass the middle section where they are many pretty pine trees lining the road until up to Nami  Library. Then walk a bit more and turn to your left, you will see the UNICEF train boarding station and Drama Cafe' is just up front. 
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