Halal Burger and Pizza at Itaewon

Thanks to Syahidah; a Malaysian student in Korea whom I met in Salam Nuri in January 2014 for telling me about PB+ Pizza and Burger.

The first thing she told me "Sis, there is a new halal burger restaurant and the burger is only about 2,000 won in Itaewon!!" OMG! That's dirt cheap!

But........I just had three huge meal in the span of 4 hours that I refused to make myself a gluton! 

Mr Saddam (right in front - left), Feia, me and the rest of the Malaysians.

Note: Thanks to Mr Saddam - the owner of Korea Muslim Travel for footing the bill! May Allah provides more sustenance for him and make him among the people who is nearer to Allah. Amin.

Now in mid March, finally I could get hold of the burgers. Yummy! I am not really a fan of fast food like McDonalds and the equivalent but sometimes it is okay for me to indulge. 

Seriously, there is nothing fast about PB+ Pizza and Burger Joint. I still consider them as slow food. Why? The chef will only make the patty right after you make your order! Don't expect that you will get your burger as fast as in Lotteria or McDonalds. IMO, I feel the freshness of the patty because of that. 

The owner comes from Iran and he speaks fluent Korean and English. No problem at all in ordering your burger or pizza. I have yet to try their pizza though. 

Our Verdict

From L to R (upper) - Egg beef slice burger, Special beef slice burger
From L to R (bottom) - Chicken cheese burger, Shrimp cheese burger

Must try! The burgers just melt in your mouth. I seriously recommend to eat the burgers at the restaurant itself rather than take-out. So far I have eaten - triple layer beef burger, chicken burger and shrimp burger. 

I love triple layer beef burger the most, just because the beef patty tasted like real beef...hehehe. Heavenly delicious. Surprisingly, the burgers are still delicious even if you eat sin ketchup or the chili sauce provided. 

We love this restaurant so much that we had our dinner twice on two consecutive days! Plus...on both days we met many Malaysians...yeah!

A la carte meal starts from 2,500 won for burgers 
Set meal starts from 4,000 won for burgers
Pizza starts from 6,000 won for the small size

The soda drinks are refillable.

Our recommendation
You should try any beef burger in the menu! 

Our wish
They should have fried chicken. I am fine with them not having one but Feia likes fried chicken! Hahaha..

Contact details
Address: 서울 특별시 용산구 이태원동 18-27번지 (Seoul, Yongsan-gu, Itaewon-dong, 18-27)
Phone number: 02- 7904883 / 070-42035455

Opening time
From 11 am to 10 pm
Except for Friday starts after Friday prayer (2pm or 3pm)

How to go to PB+ Pizza and Burger restaurant?

Go to Itaewon Station, Line 6, Exit 3. Walk straight until you find Mr Kebab and then turn right. Walk up the hill until you find a T junction but don't stop, just walk straight until you find the restaurant on your right. PB+ Pizza and Burger restaurant is right in front of BoKwang Primary School. 

Walking distance is about 380 meters for 6~10 minutes.

Check the map below:

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sabby zain said…
sis, ni kira branch burger dongdaemun tu ke? sbb owner yg pakai topi merah buat patty tu sebijik muka dgn owner burger kat dongdae..