A tour of Chunyang

Today we planned to pack the pepper powder but the quality was not as good as the first batch we packed. So, in the evening Bun Sok and me had to go to Chunyang to mill the powder again.

As usual I started the day with my morning walk and I tried to jog but..I quit halfway. It's too much for me. I'm getting old..Hehehe. The morning was so foggy and the weather man was correct for once.

I saw So Ji Sob on TV for the PIFF (Pusan International Film Festival). Arghhh..I forgot that it's time for PIFF now but I will only visit Pusan or Busan this weekend 17 - 19th October which means I'm gonna miss that festival.Aigoo.. By the way, Jang Dong Gun looked so young! He looks younger than So Ji Sob. Botox..maybe? Hehehe..

After breakfast we decided to harvest the millet but we couldn't finish the other quarter. Tomorrow perhaps? If Joy's health is better.

In the afternoon a couple that they knew from the internet came for a visit. The couple were from Incheon and they decided to buy a plot of land around Yeongyang about 1 hour drive from Chunyang. Joy helped the couple on the buying procedures and Bun Sok made Kimchi Buchimgae for lunch. Yummy..

Later, Bun Sok and me went to Chunyang to mill the pepper and we did some shopping for tomorrow's ceremony. After that, Bun Sok took me for a drive around Chunyang. This place is famous for Apple! There are apple farms everywhere. I simply love Chunyang.

We made sugetteok and songpyeon for dinner. By now, both of them call me tteokpo ( people who like tteok or rice cake very much). I don't know why but I just love eating tteok!

Pine trees

Lovely forest..

The morning was so foggy.

Bun Sok and me went to Chunyang.

Inside a tunnel.

Autumn is everywhere.

The river is so wide.

SK gas station.

Shops in Chunyang

Daily market

Mill factory

A very cute little girl buying fruits.

The lady was milling the pepper powder for the second time.

Mushroom and apple is the mascot for Bonghwa district

Courier service.

Bun Sok went to bank to withdraw some money.

Chunyang town.

Chunyang town.

Chunyang town.

They use 'cencalok' or salty shrimp buck loads here.

In the market buying food for ceremony tomorrow.

Buying some vegetables. Bun Sok asked the lady for tteokjib (tteok shop) but she said there is no tteokjib in Chunyang. What?!! I'm shocked!

Apples, pears and persimmons. I eat it everyday here cause it is abundant in Bun Sok's home.

We ate ice-cream before going for a drive. It is 1,500 won each.

A very beautiful house.

Very clean river.

Apple farms everywhere!


And apples..loads of it.

Later, Bun Sok wanted to show me the buckwheat flower but there was none blooming now. It wasn't our luck.

This field should be full with buckwheat flowers. T_T

We were curious of this fruit.

Later at home, Bun Sok referred to Korean Flora's dictionary and found that this fruit was edible but there was too many seeds for our liking. It means not good!!

Typical in autumn.

Later, we dropped by near this road..

to watch ginseng tree!

Here is ginseng farm. I remember that when I was in Chi Won's house they served me ginseng ttwigim which was 6 years old ginseng. Damn expensive!!

This pine tree was so beautiful and special. The bark was red.

I love Chunyang!

This was our dinner. Songpyeon with phat (red beans).

Sugetteok - another type of rice cake with any shape that you want to make. Joy's favourite.

My songpyeon after it was steamed. Yummy...Hehe, I'm an official tteokpo now. ^__^