ITX train to Nami Island

I officially tried the new ITX Cheongchun line to Nami Island. The line was officially opened to public since 28th February and I rode it on 7th of March, prettyyyy new and the service still has some hiccups here and there.

You could actually take the first train from Yongsan station(Line 1, dark blue) or  from Cheongyanni station(Line 1, dark blue/Jungang Line).

I rode from Cheongyanni station to Gapyeong station(nearest station to Nami Island) took roughly 45 minutes.

Fare should be 5,700 won from Cheongyanni Station. However at this moment, there is discount given and I paid for 4,000 won only. Asked the officers at Cheongyanni station, they were not sure till when though.

Gapyeong station is located at a new spot from the stop that I previously stepped out in 2009.

The taxi ride costs about 3,000 won and the entrance fee (ferry ride + Nami Island) is 8,000 won. The tourist information center in front of Gapyeong station told me it was 10,000 won but when I paid the ticket at the jetty, the officer said they still charge 8,000 won.

My partners in crime to Nami Island - Lia, Yusuf and Asma.

If you realized that there's so many routes to reach Nami Island: by shuttle bus, by ITX train, by normal train. The costs and the journey's duration differ.

Convenient wise:
1.Shuttle bus
3.Normal train

More pictures in BudgetTravel2Korea Facebook.

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ana said…
maksudnya kalo gna itx nie x payah naik teksi ke?
Zarina BT2K said…
you still need to ride a taxi from Gapyeong station to Nami Island jetty.
Unknown said…
salam Zarina.

teruja sungguh baca blog ni.
follow u already..
seben said…
salam, is it true to get on the train we have to buy tix in advance or else if the seats are full the passenger might end up standing?

can you help to confirm it?
Amy Fareena said…
Does this Itx train included in Krpass?
or do I still need to buy separate Itx ticket if I already have a 5-day Krpass?
Zarina BT2K said…

Not too sure if KRpass include ITX though.

I will check further once I ride the ITX again.
Anonymous said…
kalo dah ada t-money tu, blh guna tak atau kena beli asing?
Zarina BT2K said…
Nope, you have to buy a separate ticket.
liza said…
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Mara said…
Hi. I took the ITX 2 weeks ago and the price is still the discounted price, 4,000 KRW.
I would like to thank you for making this blog. It definitely helped me going around Seoul alone. Thank you very much!
Haslinda said…
I will be staying at Somerset PalaceApt. How do I go to Nami Island from there? How long is the ferry ride?
Nurul Khai said…
Salam sis,
I been reading your blog and its a life saver for me as im a muslimah and i what to know what food there have in korea that we can eat and further info on the interesting places to go going there by end of this month mesti sejuk gila that what our collegues been saying when there come back from their holiday..hope that we pack enough for 5 night there. Can't wait to go there. And again thanks for the info that you have given us.
Anonymous said…
How long does the ferry ride to Nami Island? I was hoping to go there on my next trip since I skip it the last time I was there. Is there Halal food in Nami as well?
Azzah said…
Can we take ITX to Gapyeong at Wangsimni station?
Zarina BT2K said…

u can take from wangsimni
check the fare here
Unknown said…

How do i go to nami island from Osan bus terminal? I saw there is a bus from osan to dong seoul but i dun know the schedules. Do the bus run frequently?

Zarina BT2K said…
Hi Lain,

please check the timetable here
Anonymous said…
Salam. Elok rasanya ada pilihan bahasa di blog ni. Bahasa & English. Since u r a Malaysian. Just saying. ;)