Nami Island - Part 1

Warning: Please do not follow our silly mistake. Mine actually. I did not tell the officer at Cheonggyanni station that we wanted to go to Gapyeong Station. I just told her to Chuncheon and hence she gave me ticket to Namcuncheon station for 5,100 won. If you want to go to Namiseom/Nami Island - tell the officer that you want to go to Gapyeong Station for 3,800 won (the price as of now). After that take a taxi/bus. We took taxi for around 4,000 won.
Ticket to Naminara is 8,000 won per head inclusive of return ferry.

Warning number 2: Don't buy the corn/oksusu there cause it was tasteless. We called it 'Jagung Ayam' - Corn for the chicken. Seriously!! It was tasteless but the potatoes/gamja was amazing!!