Kimchi Museum at COEX Mall, Samseong Station

We went to Kimchi Museum at Coex Mall, Samseong Station, Green Line, number 2. I thought that it was free but we had to pay for 3,000 won per head!! The museum was so small and we wished that it should be free or around 1,000 won. Even Deoksu palace fee is only 1,000 won. I was stupefied. It was the same case with Tteok museum near Insadong/Chandeok palace. We had to pay 3,000 won to enter. It was free when I entered the tteok museum last September with Calvin. Maybe the recession has taken its toll here.

At the Megabox cinema in Coex Mall. You can purchase ticket from the machine.

My favourite kimchi - kennip (sesame/perilla leaf). The taste is excellent!

With my idol - Joe odagiri. Ohh..pardon my stomach..hehehe.

Stopped here if you want to go to Coex Mall.

Mcdonald in Hangul. I am surprised at myself that I haven't tried any fast food till now. Korean food is so yummy..

At Dunkin Donuts. The donuts and coffee are wayyyyyy better than in Malaysia.

So coldddd...grrr..

2T with her Nike..:p

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Man Fai said…
Try the dunkin donut at last?
Taste great like what I say rite. (^^)

I wish I can eat it again. (>.<)
Man Fai said…
Wish to see Nami Island photo... But nvm... When U back, I will find and copy from u. Heheh (^^)
Anonymous said…
model2 ko comel2 la... :p