Nami Island - Part 1

Warning: Please do not follow our silly mistake. Mine actually. I did not tell the officer at Cheonggyanni station that we wanted to go to Gapyeong Station. I just told her to Chuncheon and hence she gave me ticket to Namcuncheon station for 5,100 won. If you want to go to Namiseom/Nami Island - tell the officer that you want to go to Gapyeong Station for 3,800 won (the price as of now). After that take a taxi/bus. We took taxi for around 4,000 won.
Ticket to Naminara is 8,000 won per head inclusive of return ferry.

Warning number 2: Don't buy the corn/oksusu there cause it was tasteless. We called it 'Jagung Ayam' - Corn for the chicken. Seriously!! It was tasteless but the potatoes/gamja was amazing!!

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Man Fai said…
oops... I forget to tell u. Korea jagung no taste at all.. white white. Not like Malaysia jagung that is yellow golden color.
Zarina BT2K said… should have told me earlier! should save us from that 'so tasty' jagung ayam! ^_^
Anonymous said…
hi zarina. nk tanya. nak gi nami island, kena ade visa? & it costs krw 20k? wow.
your personal opinion, nami island is a must ke tak? hihi.thanks
Zarina BT2K said…
Hi anonymous,
Thanks for dropping by.
If you check the website, the visa is just a term for admission ticket into Nami Island.

If you check the english leaflet - the ferry + admission (roundtrip) is only 8,000 won.

You don't have to pay more than that unless you want to have 1 year membership for 15,000 won.
Zarina BT2K said…
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SD said…
i dont really understand the way to go to nami island. I'm stay at Jog-no gu near to siseoldong subway is't actually to go to nami island?
Zarina BT2K said…
Hi SD,
Just take the subway to Cheongyanni subway station which is 2 stop away. After that go to the counter and purchase the ticket to gapyeong station. The officer will tell you which platform to wait.
Unknown said…
hahaha...i've tried it once when i shopped at Namdaemun's glutinous corn..that's why it's tasteless and taste like rice..but i couldn't finish it. The smell of the steamed corns were so attempting,but once you eat them..ewww~ i lost my appetite..hahahaha~ MALAYSIA CORNS are the best =)
Zarina BT2K said…
Hi mello,

I did ask my Korean friends about this corn.

Apparently there's one place which is very famous for sweet corn in Gangwondo area but I wonder why all the corns I had tasted were still tasteless. Aigoo.. to go to Malaysia for the sweet one ^^
aziahmk said…
salam sis, i'll be in korea sumwhere in end april, due to time constraint, i only have 5 days in korea, and one of the place must go for me will be nami island. i'll stay in namsan2 and still...clueless how to go nami from there. pls help me...really appreciate it.
Zarina BT2K said…
w'salam aziahmk,
Don't worry. check out my post

If you're still confused, shoot me an email ok?
SD said…
already be there...pity my prof coz the seat ticket is sold out...she need to stand for an poor him....well for us the excitement is more important than the seat...hahaha~~~ better not to take train if have no seat....take subway to nami island coz more faster...i dont know how but 'my trip aunty' go there with that....maybe kak zarina already told in this post...yg penting mawi buat cite kat sini...hehehe~~
Anonymous said…
hi, i plan to go to korea during the autumn season. do you know which is the best time when all the trees leaves turn red? is it early oct, mid oct or end of oct?
Zarina BT2K said…
Hi anonymous,
It's very hard to gauge as it all depend on the weather.
According to my experience, we went there early november around 2-3rd Nov.
Hani Clover said…
nak tanya.. :)

saya nak ke korea 12november2012.
weather kt sana mmg sejuk sgt2 eh? sbb sy tgk gambar u semua pakai winter jacket.apa suggestion pakaian kt sna? kne apaki thermal wear ke? hope u help me. tQ.
Zarina BT2K said…
Clover leaf,

it all depennds on the weather that time. I can't confirm much now..but for tropical people who don't have 4 seasons it's better to bring winter jacket.

thermal wear tu tak payah la..just layer your clothes will do..

anyway thermal clothes in Malaysia so expensive..kat sini about RM30 -RM40 dah dpt satu set dekat Dongdaemun