Shin Ramen

Picture from Nongshim Ramen.

Min Young brought some ramen for me when she visited Malaysia, Shin Ramen products. But I couldn't eat it as I found there is 돈지(돼지고기) in the ingredient. I know what is 돼지고기 dwaejigogi - pork, but I don't know what is 돈지. So, I brought all the ramen and gave it to Yong Soo when we studied Korean. He told me that 돈지 is pork bone. I asked him whether I could eat Korean ramen at all and he said I'd better not as he is pretty sure that all type of ramen in Korea has traces of pork in it. Check the ingredient list here.

Picture from Nongshim Ramen

This is Bibimmyon. Like bibimbap but bap/밥 is rice and 면/myon is instant noodle. 비비다 / bibida means mix or rub together. So, naturally 비빔면 means mixed instant noodle. ^^ This one also has traces of pork in the seasoning/sauce although it is not stated in the web as in here but I found it behind the packaging.

Just fyi, if you could read the ingredient list, it stated 팜유(말레이시아산), 팜유 / pamyoo means palm oil and 말레이시아 / Malleisia is Malaysia. I guess 말레이시아산 means 말레이시아산업개발청 - Malaysia Industrial Development Authority?

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K.Nur said…
It seems it is very difficult to find something to quell hunger if you can't eat even ramen :)

Still I am truly supporting ur decision to return Korea for a new start.

Aja Aja, Fighting !!! :))
Man Fai said…
hahaha.. You can give me those Ramen. I love Shin Ramen.
Man Fai said…
You can give me those ramen. I love Shin Ramen.

Just continue ur vegetarian food at Korea. (^___^)
jaja said…

akak, ada lg satu yg menjadi persoalan di sini ialah tteokbokki.

tteok tu diorg buat ada letak alcohol ke? sbb sy t'jumpa instant tteokbokki dkt jusco. dkt ingredient tteok ada tulis alcohol.

minta pendapat akak ^^

Zarina BT2K said…
w'salam jaja,
kalau jaja boleh snap pic ingredient tu, nanti boleh akak tolong cek kan.
Fatt said…
thanks! good info about finding halal food since most of us couldn't read Korean :)
Lily Riani said…
your blog is really comprehensive and helpful, please dont stop blogging. if lily pegi sana again maybe we can meet up. this year calendar dah pack, next year ler kot. ni tgh dok browse all your entry at random.
Anonymous said…
salam Zarina...first of all Congrats!!! you're going to study @ Sogang Uni right? best nyer...belajar ape nanti? berape lame? teringin nk travel mcm u..hopefully nov ini jadi...bleh tk nk contact u for further details regarding travel in korea? this is my email (direct ke mobile trus)..keep up the good work of sharing with us all about korean...komabtah! zuryn
Lily 84 said…
hi sis,

saya nak tanya..i'll fly to seoul this becoming sept..time tu autumn kan?so xpyh nak bawak baju sejuk or whatsover kan?n one more thing, nak tuka duit dr myr-won, better tuka siap2 dr msia or kat sana?sbb waktu sy g india dulu, lbh untung if sy tuka dekat sana..tqvm for ur advice :)
nabe said…
thanks for the info. really helpful. another ingredient that we might wanna be careful with is 주정 - alcohol of sort. i recently found that most 고추장 - red pepper paste - sold at supermarket here in msia contains it =(
nabe said…
@littlenailofar / jaja,

tteok itself x de alcohol, but tteokbokki sauce is made with gojuchang, which most probably where the alcohol comes from.
Zarina BT2K said…
Hi Idatul,
Biasa akak tukar siap2 dekat Malaysia je, sebab dekat Korea akak pernah tukar duit korean won to USD sebab nak pegi Manila. Tak pernah pulak tukar duit RM ke won dkat sana.
Zarina BT2K said…
Hi Jaja,
To add up to Nabe's comment. Tteok is made from rice so no alcohol.

How the alcohol came about in Gochujang sauce? It's from fermentation process. Which we might not be able to know how much is the alcohol content.

Sama macam tapai or tempe yang kena ferment to get the result.
jaja said…
@ nabe & kak zarina

translation ingredients yg diorg lekat tu ada tulis alcohol kalau tak silap sy. nanti kalau b'kesempatan sy snap gambar.

ada lg satu kes, sy jumpa dkt isetan, chilli paste yang jual dlm tupperware merah brand apa entah, translation ingredients dia pun ada alcohol jugak.

sebab benda tu instant food ke, so diorg add in alcohol?

nway tq nabe and akak.

selamat hari raya!
Liyana said…
salam, nak tanya something dkat akak..bole saya tau mcm mana nk contact akak privately?

thank you ^_^
Zarina BT2K said…
w'salam Liyana,
boleh email akak - zemoneko at gmail dot com
ladylea said…
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jaja said…
assalamu'alaikum akak,

just nak kongsi dgn akak latest pasal shin ramen nih. dkt pasaran Korea, dah ada Shin Ramen yang berlogo HALAL. tp br ada dkt supermarket yg bsr2 je, wallahu'alam. ada student Malaysia upload gambar dkt FB dia.

saya ada letak gambar tu dkt blog saya. kalau akak nak ambil letak dkt sini, lagi baik. at least sape2 yg nk cr dkt korea nnti senang lah ^^

- Jaja -
Anonymous said…
As-salam, just nak kongsi, since qera pun confuse sket bab alcohol dlm makanan ni, sbb dulu penah baca kalo alcohol yg digunakan dlm bahan makanan utk tujuan bg makanan tu tahan lama, tak ada masalah utk makan, dan utk tujuan mcm ni rasanya jumlah alcohol yg digunakan tidak ke tahap yg boleh menyebabkan mabuk. Mcm alcohol dlm minyak wangi, juga tak memabukkan. Kalo alcohol yg terhasil dr fermentation tak tahu la pulak.

Nak tny kak Zarina, ada beza ke kalo kte replace chilli paste dgn chilli powder? Kalo chilli powder plak, halal tak?
AfizNor said…
Salam, gojuchang tu halal tak. Ada alcohol dr fermentation process kn. Berapa percent alcohol dalam tu? Thanks.