If You Only Have One Day in Seoul

I hope it's not too late to wish Selamat Hari Raya!! I know that Ramadhan is finally over and we could gorge as much festival food as we can but do mind your waist line okay? This is a reminder for myself as I need to put off some weight before November as winter will come pretty soon and I hate to be bulky. Yikes! *I have to compete with Lee Hyori's S line, no?*

Alright, done with that..and back to the topic.

If you only have one day in Seoul..say a layover or transit, where you want to go? what you want to do? who you want to meet?

This was the same question  I asked myself when I travelled Tokyo for only one day.

If you say, "I just want to shop or window-shopping!" I will spank your a** for sure ^^. Kidding! hehe..Shopping will not justify the richness of Korean culture and the warmth of the people.


Hmmm...because 24 hours or less, is pretty damning short a time to kill and savour Seoul. Given the opportunity, time and again I will always always settle for Cheonggyecheon as my first spot. No doubt about it.


I'm a sentimentalist. Period.
I hate crowd.
I love spending a slow mo ala The Matrix sequel.^^ That's too exaggerating..

Ironically Cheonggyecheon; if not always is considered not a priority in the itinerary list of travellers of South Korea. "It is just a stream, what's so great about it?" You might think that way, aye? But mind you, this stream has so many stories to tell. The past, the now and the future are all erected alongside the stream. I could imagine smelling the cool autumn breeze while strolling the stream, brushing my fingers against Cheonggyecheon's wall. Smile, breath deeply and enjoy the moment. The stream is such a poignant and familiar place and made me miss home so much!

보고 싶다..

Now, if only Klang river can be like Cheonggyecheon..*sigh*
More info on Cheongyecheon is here.

My friends, where you want to spend your one day worth in Korea?
I would love to hear your stories. ^^

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a.s.m.a said…
for me it will be Nami Island..that place is sooo beautiful and has sentimental value for me...but it is soooo far away from airport ^^
sitizan said…
Insadong - eat as many hotteok as I can...or savouring tteokbokki/rabokki while sipping sikhye :)
Kak Mahh said…
Bilalah agaknya akak akan sampai di Korea ni...
Perkenalkan : http://sembangberisi.blogspot.com
eLLe K said…
I would agree with you. I would definitely spend more time at the Cheonggyecheon Stream.

I loved that place - night or day and could spend hours there!
khairul asraf said…
yeah if it a half day journey, it is best to come at Cheonnggyecheon Stream. but rather to say that it would be nice to come at night cause there are many beautiful lights.but if in a daylight i would go to Gyeongbokgung palace..
Che Wan Farah said…
i love cheonggyecheon stream too !!
sooo nice..i miss that place the most ~