How to go to Nami Island

Official Website:
Transportation detail: Choose English > choose information > choose transportation

For those who are quite skeptical to go to Nami Island using public transportation due to various reasons like
-what if I miss the train station? (*this happened to me ^^ *)
-what if I don't know how to speak Korean? couldn't read the station name ladidadidu..
-what if I lost my way?
- and so many more of "what if"s if you're terrified that is..hehe..

Now..there are other options to go there.

1. By Shuttle Bus:
Take a tour bus from Insadong or Jamsil Station- Exit 4
Departure at 09.30am from Pagoda Park / Tapgol Park at Insadong
Departure at 04.00pm from Nami Island (parking lot at ticket office)

Roundtrip bus + ferry + admission - 23,000 won

Call Nami Island Seoul Center for reservation:  02-753-1247 (in Korea) or +82-2 -753-1247 (outside of Korea)

Note: Payment can be made only wired transfer, foreign credit card is NOT accepted.

Cash is only accepted on the bus; pay to the bus driver - but seats are based on first come first serve basis.

How to go to Tapgol Park/Pagoda Park at Insadong

Get off at Jongno 3(sam)-ga Station line 5,  Exit 5.  Walk towards Jonggak.

Check out KNTO for more info.

2. By Bus:
From Dong Seoul Bus Terminal / East Seoul Terminal ( 02-446-8000 (1h 20m)
First bus at 06:15, last bust at 22:00

Myeongdong to Gangbyeon Station (Dong Seoul Bus Terminal)
26 minutes, 11 stops, 11.2km
1,000 won with T-Money, 1,100 won with cash
Transit at Dongdaemun History and Culture Park Station

3. By Train:

Please check out How to go to Nami Island- Part 2
If you want to know more about Nami Island, check out Nami Island Seoul Center at Jongno-gu. Information by KNTO is here.

Compare the total fare if you take subway + train + taxi + ferry (admission) on your own to Nami Island in another post here.  

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