Loving Hut, vegetarian food in Sinchon

As I browsed through happycow site for vegetarian food in Seoul, I stumbled upon this chain vegetarian restaurant Loving Hut. They have a branch in Puchong, Selangor. Wow??

All the menus are from vegetarian..hmm I will be a vegan temporarily (3 months) + seafood + fruits = seafru vegan..haha. I'm just making that up. No pun intended.

The menu shows mix of korean and western food. They only have one branch in Sinchon, Seoul though. Tried to find the review and surprisingly encouraged that even the 'cold burger' tasted yummy for this blogger - Kelly. Loving Hut website have the map shown but really... not helping at all, for me at least. Situated near Yonsei University gate, I supposed I have to take subway Line 2, Sinchon Station? Hmmm..from there, I supposed I have to ask around with my limited Korean language. God, please save me.

No!! They don't have bibimbap in this branch..arghh..heck it, I will try other food then. Hmm.. Jjajangmyun, anyone?? Hehehe..3,500 won for Large - approximately MYR10. Quite ok..