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Well, Halal food is a bit difficult to find in Seoul/South Korea. I will try my best to try permissible Korean cuisine by Islamic standard.

Basically, I'm gonna be half vegan over there. Fruits, vegetables, seafood...hmm..totally organic. Say hello to slimmer, svelte figure Zarina with S-figure to boot. Hehehe..

Here are the list of menu in Korean with pictures that I would like to try in Seoul. However the menu would be customized for Muslim ^__^:

Menu taken from Kimbap Nara compiled by Mary Eats.
*Price will differ.

1 - 야채 김밥, Yachae Kimbap, Vegetable Kimbap, 2,000 won: Filled with various veggies including carrots and spinach. Little variation from Won-jo Kimbap.

Picture courtesy of www.mykoreankitchen.com

2 - 순두부 찌개, Sundubu Jjigae, 3,500 won: Sometimes fiery bubbling cauldron of soft tofu, freshly cracked egg (don’t stir if you’d like it hard boiled), chili peppers, inoki mushrooms, a couple clams, onions and deunjang (Korean miso) paste. Served with the ubiquitous fire
retardant sticky rice.*

Picture courtesy of Ottawa Foodies

3 - 된장 찌개Dwen-jang Jjigae, 3,500 won: Sometimes slightly spicy bubbling cauldron of dwen-jeong paste, inoki mushrooms, onions, clams and the odd cube of tofu. Korea’s answer chicken noodle soup. Served with the ubiquitous fire retardant sticky rice.

Picture courtesy of Ambitious Deliciousness

4- 돌솥 비빔밥, Dolsot bibimbap, 4,000 won: See above served in a hot stone bowl and topped with a (usually) fried egg.*

양푼 비빔밥, Yangpoon bibimbap, 4,000 won: Bibimbap served in a large metal bowl, usually serves two people.

호박 죽, Hobak Juk, 3,500 won: Thick pumpkin like porridge.

단팥 죽, Danpat Juk, 3,500 won: A thick red bean porridge.

떡볶이, Ddokboggie, 2,000 won: The street snack with chairs. Simmered rice cake (log form) swim in a sea of spicy pepper sauce augmented with odang (processed fish), cabbage, carrots, onions and leeks.

라볶이, Raboggie, 2,500 won: See above and add Ramyeon noodles. Bonus!

치즈떡볶이, Cheese ddokboggie, 2,500 won: See Ddokboggie, add cheese. Bonus!

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bleach16 said…
do you live in korea? if you do that is sooo awesome! And youre Muslim...how many Muslims live in Korea anyway? Do you know? I would love to visit...hopefully very soon Inshallah