Windroad & Windflower Guesthouse

Rugged, old, loud place? Just next to SungKyunKwan University (my tounge twisted to pronounce this) and the Ediya coffee lot that I want to test. Hmm..but it's dirt cheap..dormitory bed for 13,000 won/night and single bed for 28,000 won/night. Have been searching high and lows for reviews, most of them commented that this place rocks! Not the quality though..cause what you pay is what you get, but the manager has a friend who hosts a WWOOF Farm. Ding..ding..I should befriend this manager shouldn't I? Anyway, right after a few days in Seoul, I'm off to WWOOFing..

I will think about it..and will put my worthy comment once I stayed there. But all in all from the journal this place seems happening. ^__^

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