Convenience Stores in Korea

Anyone watching 49Days Korean drama these days? I had an idea of writing a post of convenience stores when I watched Song Yi Kyung working as a cashier at a convenience store in the drama. ^^

Back in 2009 when I was in Korea, one of the few things I noticed are the countless convenience stores line up. It's nearly impossible not to find one in a block! They are plenty and with weird names as well; sometimes like this. ^^

Found this 'With Me' convenience store around Hongik area.
These are the famous bunch in no specific ranking in Korea (although I found Family Mart stores mushrooms more than the rest):

Some of the convenience stores parked a few plastic tables and
chairs outside for the customers. I would rather stay inside during
cold season. ^^

Family Mart - originated from Japan.
More info from the website:

Video courtesy of MijusaKaraoke
If you look at the video closely, after you see GS25, just walk up the hill and
you will find Namsan Guesthouse and Namsan cable car station.

GS25 - originated from Korea. Formerly known as LG25.
More info from the website:

7-Eleven in Korea. Video courtesy of stephenworldwide

7-Eleven - originated from USA.
More info from the website:

This shot was taken in Incheon Airport where I bought my first
T-Money card.
Mini Stop - originated from Japan.

The price? Well..if you want something fast, then it is very convenient to get most of the items that you need at a convenience store. Thus the name convenience store. However, pricewise - I would definitely go for items of the day or the week instead.

Let's see how much the items fares in Family Mart nowadays, ok? Some of the food listed are not Halal but merely stating them for cost of living comparison sake. If you walk in to any of convenience stores in Korea, the items mostly are grouped as below:

1.도시락 - packed lunch

I often visited this aisle first. The packed lunch offered are much cheaper if you don't have much time to eat properly at a restaurant. Tips: The packed lunch section mostly has expiry date/time of one day. Once in a while, when I was scrapped of money I would visit the nearest convenience store a bit late, say 9 or 10 at night and bought already slashed price of the packed lunch. They could go up to 50%! Yeah..not that healthy and not something that is recommended to do daily. ^^

samgak kimbap (triangle kimbap) - 800won
wholemeal sandwich - 1,800won
cheese cream bun - 900won
Bulgogi bento/dosirak (packed lunch) - 4,000won
tuna and spam kimbap - 1,200won
omellete rice - 1,400won
fried bean curd sushi - 2,000won
plain sausage bun - 1,000won

2.유제품 - dairy products
Big Mountain choc/vanilla cone icecream - 1,500won
Organic Milk 180ml - 1,000won
Einstein Milk 300ml - 1,200won

3.생활용품 - household products

Happy Bath Rose body wash - 5,000won
Happy Bath natural lotion - 5,000won
Strawberry milk soap - 1,500won
Anyday Kotex - 3,400won
Panty stocking - 3,500won
Pantene shampoo - 11,000won
DK winter gloves - 9,900won
Vaseline petroleum jelly (small) - 3,000won

4.과자류 - snacks and confectionary

spam - 1,500 won
cinnamon apple pastry - 800won
market O water cracker - 1,300won
Ghana chocolate bar - 1,000won
Guylian chocolate - 3,000won
chips - 1,000~1,500won
Lotte xylitol gum - 900won
Strawberry doughnut - 700won
I really love this almond candy! 2,000won.
5.음료 - drinks

Dark brown hot choco - 1,500won
Baba coffee one cup - 1,300won
Welch grape drink - 4,500won
Mixed fruit - 2,490won

Services available in convenience stores

복합기 - Printing services

입장권 판매 - Admission ticket sales eg Lotte World

세금.공과금 수납 - Tax and utility bill payment

로또/스포츠토토 - Lotto / Sports Toto

무가지/정보지배포 - Free newspaper / information distribution

모바일 상품권 - Mobile Gift vouchers

삼성 기프트카드 플러스 - Samsung gift card plus

무선인터넷 서비스 - Wireless internet

휴대폰 충전 서비스 - Cellphone charging

픽업 서비스 - Pick up

현금지급기 - ATMs

교통카드 서비스 - Transportation card (eg. T-Money)

티켓판매 - Ticket Sales eg Baseball matches

잉크충전및 주문 판매 - Ink for printers recharging/delivery

프리페이드 (사이버머니) - Prepaid (cybermoney)

택배 - Parcel delivery service

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Azra said…
Just got back from Seoul after 10 days of tiring n yet fun trip... stayed in myeongdong area and there are 3 convenience stores there... the one we frequently visited was Family Mart because they sell instant rice & packed kimchi.. Couldn't find instant rice in GS25 or 7-11 ... overall, they sell almost all the basics things we need ...i would give B+ for their services... and their staffs can speak simple english... that's definitely a plus...
guest said…
Em, aritu kt 7-eleven berdekatan Grand Ambassador ade pringles yang bercop halal dari Malaysia. Ade jugak produk lain. Rase agak bangge jgk la ade produk dari Malaysia kt sane..hehe
That's why when I look at that picture above, it is way too familiar because I'm a fan of 49 days drama.
Anonymous said…
is it this blog owner doing a part time as tourist guide?if so i just want to ask,are you free during (july 5th till july 10th july)
thank you;))
Anonymous said…
sy nk tanya kt sana ad x student malaysia yg bt part time jd tourist guide yg FREE pada (5/7-10/7)..
kalo ada,sy nk minta email/fb diorg..
thank you
Zarina BT2K said…
Hi Anonymous,
I'm now in Malaysia so basically I don't do guides in Korea.

So far, no Malaysian students are available and interested to.
Anonymous said…
salam.. nak tanya yang hotdog tu halal ke?

Zarina BT2K said…
W'salam mahir,
The hotdog is not halal unless stated otherwise.
seventh said…
Wow. this info really helpful esp on packed lunch! :)