Volunteering in Korea : Part 2

It's kinda weird to suggest volunteering in your itineraries if your intention of exploring Korea is mostly about having fun and pampering yourself, right? ^^ But, volunteering is almost on top of my list when I want to travel.

I have this weird notion that you don't need a lot of money to enjoy yourself while travelling. The funny thing is my friends have a totally opposite view on why I love volunteering while travelling : "Why do you like to tire yourself?" Hmm..but I don't feel tired at all. Strangely, I feel happy.

The last time when I was in Korea, I did wwoofing - volunteering at an organic farm in exchange of boarding and food. I would definitely do it again if given the opportunity. When my father saw a picture of me wwoofing at Bonghwa, harvesting peppers; he said "why don't you work at my farm instead of others?!" hahaha..I told him 'But the weather was nice and cool compared to Malaysia!" LOL.

Other than wwoofing, we could actually do many more. I have listed some of them here and if you are really considering volunteering in your itinerary; the only thing that I could say is "Thank you!"




KKOOM - Korean Kids & Orphanage Outreach Mission

You can view some of the bloggers experiences here:
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  2. "Giving back takes perseverance, a little honesty" by Korea Herald
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Unknown said…
hi zarina *waves*
i need ur advicelah regarding the wwoffing thing. rasa nak cuba. hehehe
hanie said…
alah..salah id pulak. hahahaha :P
Adah said…
Salam Kak Zarina,

my husband and i are going to visit korea on early july. we dont go with travel agency as we planned to explore korea ourselves. i did some study on korea like which place to stay, places to go, korea's transportation subways, bus n taxi. but since we both have never been there, its more like a theory without practical for us. i understand that itaewon is the area where halal food restaurants populated. we might as well stay there in IP Boutique hotel. my question is how do i get to itaewon from incheon international airport? by bus or by subway or by taxi? hope to hear from u
fiqahlee88 said…
Sy pn mmg sgt4 suka dgn idea volunteering nih.bukn apa,even sounds very interesting. n sy pn sgt jugk sokong idea yg nk travel but spent less.bkn apa,experience tuh yg maw.kan,kan.travel as traveler instead of tourist mmg la cita2 sy ^^ thnks 4 d link
nu said…

boleh kita jumpa di bangi, saya akan ke korea jun ini bersama keluarga untuk cuti dan saya stay untuk kursus selama 2minggu.
harap dapat belajar pronounciation dengan u...:)
Dorapah said…
After seeing you pic n reading ur story.. now i also considering to includes this in my plan for my next trip to korea.. ^__^..

Zillion thanks to ur great n amzing effort putting all this for us...
Rafidah said…
i will always envy u with wwoofing's experience. only if i have opportunity to take a break from work for 3 months and not worry about works, i'll would like to do woofing just like u. *sigh..*
Zarina BT2K said…
just email me at zemoneko@gmail.com if you have any queries about Korea.
Zarina BT2K said…
W'salam Adah,
You can get there by subway or by bus?

Take the limousine bus number 4A/10B at the airport. Cost about 14,000 won/pax. If you can't get the bus, a taxi will cost about 40,000won to Itaewon

Check out this link for general understanding

Subway is a bit tedious but the cheapest. From Incheon airport to Itaewon, take Arex to Digital Media city after that change to Line 6 to Itaewon - 1 hour 14 minutes, 59.5km, 3,800 won.
Zarina BT2K said…
W'salam Nu,
Saya cume available on weekdays Tue-Fri from 10am-3pm. Kalau u ok, boleh je jumpa kat Bangi.
nu said…

boleh lunch di Mohamad Chan (chinese muslim restauranT)/or kelantanese Yati ayam percik or San Franscisco Pizza/or Ibujah nasi padang.

if you ok lets meet up next week Wednesday 1 June.

I dekat-dekat tempat yang I sebut tu, pilihlah nak makan apa "sifu" "songsangnim.
we squeeze it within the time 10am-3pm ye.
Zarina BT2K said…
W'salam nu,
saya balik kg next week, if next week from 7-10june boleh tak?
nu said…
Salam Zarina,

Saya ke korea 7June flight jam 11.30mlm.
Boleh kita jumpa 7June 10am-3pm.
Anonymous said…
I would like to say a big thank you for all your volunteering links and information posted on your blog. It's like finding a treasure chest. LOL. I got so happy when i came across your blog. This is exactly what i planned to do next year.

Once again, THANK YOU!