Happy Parents' Day!

Hi everyone,

It's Parents' Day! 어버이 날

Pictures courtesy of KoreaTimes

Hope everything is going fine with life, love and health. I wanna wish every parent out there Happy Parents' Day! Cause today, 8th May 2011 is the day for parents. I had celebrated the day back in 2010 with Min Young's grandparents by going to Paju in a typical bright and sunny spring day. Arghh..really miss those memories.

Wishing every parents for health and happiness. ^^ Although saying thank you is measly but from the bottom of my heart, to my parents and other parents as well;  thank you so so so much for nurturing the future generation of our world.


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CIKU said…
happy parents day too..
akak zarina..saya dah emel kat akak pasal korea chiklah98@gmail.com ..tolong tgk yek..tk