Yeha Guesthouse Review

I totally vouch for Yeha Guesthouse!! I stayed for 3 nights at 6-bed female dormitory and totally satisfied with the service, cleanliness, environment, staff friendliness, location, convenience..lalalalala..and the list go on. The guesthouse is centrally located in Jeju district and is about 5 minutes walking distance from Jeju local bus terminal.

Breakfast is served free of bread, cheese, jam, egg , fresh orange juice , coffee or tea and at night between 7.30pm to 9pm a free drink for happy hour is given ie soda, beer or fresh juice.

They had free internet, WiFi for the whole building and you could make free call to some international countries however only to land line. T_T. I tried calling my brother in Malaysia but the lag was so obvious, I had to allow about 3 seconds before I could reply.

If you don't want to trouble yourself to find a tour guide or using the taxi service as personal tour guide, you may join the tour group package under Yeha and they give discount for 1 or 2 days trip.
1 day - 10,000 won off
2 days - 30,000 won off

Why didn't I join the tour?
It's kinda expensive for me. For example, if I take the Yeha tour for 1 day and after discount it would be 64,000 won/person. If I take a taxi for 8 hours/100,000 won - shared by 4 people would be 25,000 won each. Cheaper right? ^^

It's only 19,000 won per night but I felt not so cozy here.
Maybe because too many guests in one room but we just
sleep and barely communicate as some return very late or
get out really early to hike Halla mountain.

Many pictures of the previous guests are hung on the wall for

There are about 3 computers with free internet but I didn't use
it as I brought my own laptop.

The place is very cozy!! On the right is where you wash
the dishes and on the left is where you prepare your own 
toast and there are 2 fridges.

They serve Halal spices and separate plates for Muslim.

This is right next to the entrance door.

Acha, Tutie and me in front of the reception.

For more info, visit the official website:

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