Halla Mountain Eorimuk-Yeongsil Course

I told Yong Soo that I would definitely not hike Halla Mountain as I don't enjoy 'dengsan' / 등산 as much as Korean. Not really, it's only that my knee would go out on me. Oh yeah!! I'm old..T_T But I brave it as I didn't go up Ilchulbong Sunrise Peak before. Since Eorimuk-Yeongsil is the easiest course, I couldn't complaint too much.

Eorimuk is bright purple and Yeongsil is dark purple.
Picture courtesy of official website.

We (Alex, June and me) took the bus from in front of Seonam Farm at 7.15am to Jungmun (1,000 won) then Jungmun to Eorimuk (1,000 won). Jungmun is located on South-West of Jeju Island but Eorimuk course is on North-West and we went down to Yeongsil course on South-West.

Alex and June waiting for the bus

At Seogwipo rotary bus stop, waiting for the bus to Jungmun.

The bus schedule from Jungmun to Eorimuk course. 어리묵

They have been waiting for more than an hour for the bus.
That's how reliable the bus system is in Jeju Island. So those who
don't have much time to spend will rent a car.

Starting of Eorimuk course. The night before it rained kinda hard and
I forgot to bring my raincoat. Aishh..It drizzled a bit early in the morning.

Three of us!

I was panting by the time I reached this signboard; a mere 500 metres. 
I haven't even started! Can I even do it? T_T

I was left behind by the other two as I walked up real slow!
Just like the turtle but I finally reached here and this is not even 
the peak yet. It took me 2 hours. I met a Singaporean lady here,
 exchanged our contacts and I told her a bit about Wwooffing.

Natural water spring.

It was so foggy and misty so we barely could see the scenerey.
Not a good weather to walk up Halla Mountain for sure.
This is the peak of Eorimuk course and we stopped here to have
hot drinks and some snacks.
The way down to Yeongsil course. The scenery was magnificent!!

A little kid gave me a Hallabong Jeju chocolate.
I love it as it's not too sweet.

The end of Yeongsil course and there's a signboard saying there
that you can't hike up if you reach here after 12 noon.

The entrance of Yeongsil course. I was glad that we hiked up from Eorimuk
course as the bus stop is near. It was a different case with Yeongsil course
as the bus stop is 2km down from the entrance. Yikes!! We walked really far
until a kind Korean couple gave us a ride down. Very very kind.

I think we started at about 9.30am from Eorimuk and reached Yeongsil at about 2pm. Normally, if you are fit (not like me) you could run the course for 3 hours. We didn't pay for any admission fees and make sure you check the weather for a nice hiking day before going up.

More info on Halla Mountain courses at KNTO.
Official website: http://www.hallasan.go.kr/english/

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Unknown said…
30mins slow running & 1hr cycling (if possible) 3day/week far enough to maintain the stamina..(sources : own exercising routine)
Anonymous said…
nice.. would love to go next time.. zarina, quick Q. I went to seoul last month, is it normal that they would stare at you? i mean for wearing hijab/tudung. cause i thot they would've used to it since there's alot of Muslim tourists.. i guess not?
Rafidah said…
Auww... u did hike up the Halla Mountain!! haha, if you reached the Seongsan Ilchubong peak before that it would become ur stamina then. thanks for the Halla post entry!
Princess Feyqa said…
Salam, Im a student from UM n will be goin to korea for exchange student program so act I wanna know the climate during end of February and is't still cold + got snow? and what about the ATM there? can I use CIMB atm card and need to activate it first before i reach Korea? hope u can reply my ques thru my email studentum91@yahoo.com thx!
Zarina BT2K said…
Salam Anonymous,
It's normal for people to stare ^^.
1- curious
2- think that you are pretty
3- think that you are weird

heheh..just take it in good stride.