Maggi Goreng in Incheon

I have not had meat/chicken for almost a month now and felt kinda fluffy like feathers. That's so overdoing it right? ^^ I couldn't lose even a 100 gram off my weight due to Korean rice cakes!! So, instead of rice for every meal - breakfast, lunch and dinner; I suggested 'Maggi Goreng' for dinner and boasted to Min Young that this was my signature. Honestly, I rarely cook back home and my favorite spot is NazMaju Mamak restaurant. ^^

How do I make this? With a little twist of course.

2 packets of Shin Ramyun - only the instant noodle.
Odeng or fish cake
2 eggs
1 tea spoon smashed garlic
1 table spoon of gochujang - red pepper paste
1 table spoon of gochu garu - red pepper powder
1 table spoon oyster sauce
1 table spoon soy bean sauce
Green onion
Dried mushroom - soak with water for 5 minutes
Honey or sugar

How to:
1.Boil the ramyun - al dente (can I even use this word other than for spaghetti? ^^)
2.Make scrambled eggs
3.Heat up some oil, put in the garlic, gochujang, gochu garu, soy bean sauce, oyster sauce, scrambled egg
4.Put in the sliced odeng/ fish cake
5.Put in the mushroom
6.Put in the ramyun, stir well, put in green onion

Preparation for 2-3 people.

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