So Ji Sub 51K A Twosome Place

I went to Apgujeong with Min Young today to check out So Ji Sub's cafe or A Twosome Place 51K at about half past two in the evening. As currently I'm staying with Min Young at Jakjeon, Incheon, it is quite far and not too convenient to reach downtown.

So Ji Sub's cafe or A Twosome Place 51K is located near Apgujeong subway station, Exit 3. Just walk out from the exit and walk until you meet a T-junction and if look to your left, you will see the road is leading to Apgujeong wedding hall and across that building is CGV cinema. So Ji Sub's cafe or A Twosome Place 51K is next to it or I'd rather say they share the same space, kind of. You will realize it once you are there.

Prior to going there, I was lectured a few times by Min Young's mother on my desire to meet So Ji Sub. She said that it's gonna be impossible to meet him and I would waste my money on expensive coffees and desserts. I just laughed it off cause I knew that I wouldn't be able to meet the real man himself but a girl can dream I suppose. It's FREE to dream or ogling, you know. ^^ I told her that it's just gonna be once in a lifetime..or maybe twice with Yani later..hehe. ;)

So off we went to Gangnam. Our route - green bus 581 - red bus 9500 - subway line 6, Apgujeong Station. Time taken was 1 hour and one way fare - 2,000 won.

I love So Ji Sub's signature coffee (on the right side) 
Vanilla Shakeratto (a mix of my fave scent + whole coffee beans)
Not too sweet and not too bitter, just nice.

I love coffee. Not really a pro or addicted to it but I enjoy good coffee and nice companion to chat with. The ambience at So Ji Sub 51K A Twosome Place was not disappointing, you could see many So Ji Sub's pictures plastered around the cafe. I was a bit dejected though as there were many pictures of So Ji Sub with Han Hyo Joo. $%^*^&*($%#!! hehehe..

We had macaroon, berry cake, prune juice and So Ji Sub's signature coffee - Vanilla Shakelatto. What really funny was, the receipt stated '사케'. What?!! Did I just drink sake (Japanese alcohol)? So I checked with the cashier that it was meant to be 'Shakeratto'. could be a grave mistake..hehe if not checked properly.

I purposely circled the word "사케" which reads 'sake' but
means 'shake'

The man himself at work. 
My mission - drink So Ji Sub's coffee
and eat So Ji Sub's macaroon - bingo!

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jaja said…

err... macaroon tu mcm menarik ^__^
gina said…
i believe A Twosome Place 51K is a cool name.

a twosome sounds much greater than awesome.

2 thumbs up! :D
a.s.m.a said…
ingatkan mimpi jadi kenyataan..

meet so ji sub face 2 face ^^
Togekucai said…
If me and my sister want to join wwoofing,do both of us need to register or only one is enaugh and another can just tag along. Thank you
Lily Riani said…
the macaroon looks superb... never seen such before. and teh man behind it is comei.
naadianaa said…
I went there with my friend during our trip to Seoul last month. I love the ambiance and the iced green tea latte. Didnt get to meet the man though. T____T But hey... it's worth the shot. Hehe... had a great time lepaking there. ^^
Zarina BT2K said…
W'salam Togekucai,
Both of you need to pay for the wwoof membership.
Anonymous said…
Though you didn't meet him (so ji sub) you were really "close to him" at least :) I am a huge fan of him by the way, may you'll be able to meet him one day while you're in south korea, what a great chance.
Anonymous said…
Hi Zarina

Wondering whether you managed to see the man himself as you're studying there :) Plan to go there too & my aim is first to have coffee & dessert then taking pictures at every single corner.. ist it allowed? hahaha.. (
Zarina BT2K said…
Hi Shairli,

I did not manage to meet the gorgeous man myself T_T. If I ever did, I most probably will faint..hehe.

If you dine in the cafe' you are totally allowed to take as much pictures you want. I have never been stopped from doing so.

Enjoy! ^^
freakzspeaks said…
Hi Zarina ! Thanks for blogging this ! I am totally head over heels for SJS since watching The Master's Sun. And I'm so into visiting this cafe when I visit Korea next year! But I heard that his agency, 51k is not renewing the contract for the cafe..that means no more him next year ?? heard any of this ?