Meeting Mbak Ria at Sangwolgok Station

I am really fortunate to befriend a humble and kind person like Mbak Ria during my earlier visit to Korea back in 2009. This time around, I came to visit her and claim my precious winter clothes. She lives in Sangwolgok station, Line 6 by the way. Before going  to her house, Min Young was curious whether there is any station called Sangwolgok existed in Seoul. I said 'Yes!' cause I had been there before. She checked her phone for the Seoul Metro map and couldn't be bothered when I told her that she was not Korean enough..haha.

Mbak Ria's house used to be at Exit 1 but now is near to Exit 3. They moved to a new house because the old house was not safe for their baby Mushlih. He is so cute!! He couldn't stop staring at me cause I was a stranger and I made him cry a few times too. Sorry baby Mushlih...T_T

Me, Mbak Ria and baby Mushlih. He's 8 months old now.

before he cried..hehe.

Mbak Ria treated us for Jahe tea and I felt totally at home as I was reminded by my grandmother's adoration of Jahe. Jahe means ginger in Indonesian language. It was quite late when I reached Mbak Ria's home. As now is autumn, dusk is earlier at around 5 in the evening. We had to run for the bus to Incheon before the rush hour. It took us about 1 hour by subway from Sangwolgok station to Seoul station and then transit for a bus to Incheon. 

Me and my old pal - Nike backpack

In front of Seoul Station before we transit for the bus to Incheon.

ahh..Min Young lost her debit card on the way to home. We thought that she might misplace it at the WWOOF office but we were too lazy to return to the office and just called the bank for replacement. The debit card can be used as T-Money for public transportation and she had to pay for subway manually since she lost it. FYI, if you buy a manual or one way card, you have to pay for 500 won extra for the card deposit. You could refund it later once you reach your desired station. There is a refund machine available at the station.