How to use Korean Chopstick

Earlier this year in January I received a set of Korean of chopstick and spoon from a reader of this blog; Fadz from Singapore. Thanks dear! I will treasure it.

Note that Korean chopstick is made from stainless steel or metal, the size of the spoon is as long as the chopstick and it is heavier if you compare it with Japanese's or Chinese's. I think it's kinda unique, don't you think? Plus we could help the environment by reusing rather than opting for disposable one made of wood. Yeah..go green. ^^
Korean chopstick criteria:
I am no where an expert of using chopstick but I'm trying to. A lot of the time my fingers felt numb after holding them too long so I thought maybe my technique is wrong..hmm.

Check out this youtube video on how to hold your chopstick properly.

Video courtesy of Subwalady

Don't forget to grab Korean chopstick as souvenirs before you head back home. You could get a lot for cheap at Namdaemun.