I am now in Sanmaeul Poonkyeong with 4 other wwoofers. It is a pension and very near to Yongpyong resort but there's no snow yet in this area but the weather was extremely cold this morning 2 to -7 degrees. The cold was biting my precious nails.

The rest of the wwoofers are Ben from Germany, Dave from Canada, Kayla ( a man..hehe) from Australia and Sonny from Colombia.

I learned how to pronounce - Juan pablo montoya
correctly now from Sonny. ^^

All the guys were super friendly and fun. Sang Hee the host is pregnant and expecting the baby on 24th December, a day before Christmas. I hope he/she would be Christmas baby. ^^

Karuna - Sang Hee's best friend came to help and we prepared dinner together, cleaned the kimchi fridge, I learned korean from the 9 years old Hae In and now stretching my neck cause these guys sleep like really late everyday..*arghhhh... hahaha*

Expecting more good things to happen for the next 20 days here...