Sanmaeul Poonkyeong

Though the WWOOF book mentioned that I will be in Sanmaeul Poonkyeong but the host has another house named Santisuk which means 'peace of happiness'. is weird. I don't know whether Santisuk is actually Korean words?? Hmmm...

It was cold. I'm not kidding but only in the morning. ^^
We had breakfast at 10 am cause the guys woke up around that time but I can't cause my stomach get used to early breakfast. Like 8pm the latest?? and like I am so hungry all the time. Hahah..that's the main reason why I am now 61kg in Korea but I was 58kg in Malaysia! Tada...
I'm so chubby now!!

We went to one of the snow resort here in Jinbu and the view was breathtaking, awesome!!

The place I am now..Santisuk - peace of happiness

Dave setting the place for making tteok..but until today, I can't see any of my tteok!!

Sonny, Karuna and me serving kimchi bokkeumbab for dinner

Our simple dinner...

Sonny was afraid of the dog and used her legs instead...I was afraid of the dog too..hehe

But Dave saved us from the dog.

Kayla at work.

The guys at work.

It reminds me of the chime at the buddhist temple that Bun Sok explained to me.

While the guys at work, Nandida brought us to the ski resort.

Sonny was happy to see so much snow!!

Arghhh...the snow was so beautiful.

Breathless...I feel like in one of the Winter Sonata's scene.

Something nice behind them..hahaha...

The heater.

Gamja buchimgae or lempeng kentang..yummy. Don't ever forget the kimchi.

Later in the evening, Dave, Sonny and Hae In played with the clay. This was Dave's dragon - called Sophie by Kayla..hahaha.

Mr Lee practising his Korean calligraphy. The called him the 'weird' guy but so far I haven't seen that side of him yet. Maybe when I'm here a little longer perhaps?

Sonny's creation.

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Man Fai said…
snow... snow... snow...

I want to go Korea... ><