I am now in Sanmaeul Poonkyeong with 4 other wwoofers. It is a pension and very near to Yongpyong resort but there's no snow yet in this area but the weather was extremely cold this morning 2 to -7 degrees. The cold was biting my precious nails.

The rest of the wwoofers are Ben from Germany, Dave from Canada, Kayla ( a man..hehe) from Australia and Sonny from Colombia.

I learned how to pronounce - Juan pablo montoya
correctly now from Sonny. ^^

All the guys were super friendly and fun. Sang Hee the host is pregnant and expecting the baby on 24th December, a day before Christmas. I hope he/she would be Christmas baby. ^^

Karuna - Sang Hee's best friend came to help and we prepared dinner together, cleaned the kimchi fridge, I learned korean from the 9 years old Hae In and now stretching my neck cause these guys sleep like really late everyday..*arghhhh... hahaha*

Expecting more good things to happen for the next 20 days here...

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Part said…

I stumbled across your blog when I was looking for Green University website. I spent 3 months in Hamyang as volunteer in 2006, and I'm wondering how the place looks like now. I saw your older post saying you should spent 2 weeks there, but found no posts about it. Did you?

Zarina BT2K said…
Hi Micha,
are you sure the place is Hamyang?
Part said…
Well, Hamyang was the local capital, the village itself is called Baekjon. Are you testing me or something? ^^
Zarina BT2K said…
I'm not testing you my dear..
I'm just confirming hehe
cause I've been wwoofing to Chunyang, Hongseong, Jangheung and Jinbu but not at Hamyang.