Noryangjin fish market

It is the biggest seafood market in Seoul and we started early in the morning. It seems cloudy and the sky was dark. We thought that it was going to rain but it wasn't! But the temperature fluctuated in between 2 to -2 celcius. Sheessh..people were crazy to shop for winter attire right after that!!

2T and Hanim were excited to see so many huge seafood which we couldn't see in Malaysia.

Myeongdong station.

A burger ad in Myeongdong station. I was hungry..if only a burger is this big. ^_^

Delicious seafood!

The market view from above.

Noryangjin station on Dark blue, line 1.

Line 1 seems like KTM in Malaysia but way more punctual and faster.

2 clean white shoes and mine is dirty!

Early in the morning in Myeongdong underground shopping arcade.