2T, Hanim and me decided to visit Gyeongbukgung (Gyeongbuk palace). For me, it exudes masculinity. Chandokgung is so pretty and feminine but Gyeongbukgung is definitely masculine. The scenery was highlighted by the beautiful autumn but the weather was cold and now I cringe for summer and hope for autumn scenery. Is it too much to wish for? ^_^

Fee entrance - 3,000 won.
English free guide at 11.00 am

The background is the Blue House. So many police in the area especially now is the election period.

Selca time!

National Folk Museum of Korea.

Miahaha..2T is a general!

Wonderful...3 wondergirls!

Changing of guards ceremony. It is done every hour.

Chimney in the palace.

Our announcer. She spoke english real fast!

:P blahhhh...sticking the tounge to ward off the evil spirits.

The guy visited Kuala Lumpur 2 weeks before 2T and Hanim came to Korea!


Eating my favourite tteok. Hanim loved it cause it is like omochi - japanese version but 2T hated it cause she dislike 'kuih koci'.

The entrance.

National Palace Museum of Korea which I will visit only by myself later cause museums aren't 2T and Hanim's interest.

A copy of the 'Never get old' gate from Chandokgung.

Seoul Metro Art Center in Gyeongbuk Station. What I really like about Seoul subways are that they decorated the interior with historical arts as much as possible. I wish Malaysia does that too. So beautiful..

Gyeongbuk Station, Line 3.

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Unknown said…
i'm really envious...
sis, are you study in korea??
Zarina BT2K said…
Hi Vee@an,
Yup, I'm studying in Korea now.