Jaesan village's children

Today Joy took the tractor test and he had to leave early in the morning. So Bun Sok and I dried the millet and pepper after he took off. After that I took my morning walk as usual. A bit further everyday cause I felt my stamina increased lately. Hahaha..It was 6 degrees but I felt fine. Hmm..Maybe I'm getting used to the cold weather? Here is much colder than Seoul.

Bun Sok writes a column for a farming newspaper three times a week. Hence, today we had 'open kimbap' for her column. It was superbly delicious! We took some pictures for the column with my camera and she decided to buy a DSLR too. Ngehehe..I influence people everywhere I go. (*Devil smile*)

After the photo session, we went up to the hill and harvested another quarter of the millet plot. She told me to shoot some of the magnificent scenery. There was a half moon in the sky cause it was autumn as she explained. Simply awesome. *Sigh..* Will I be able to see this in Malaysia?

After lunch we went to Jaesan village to meet the children there. Bun Sok teaches them English every Sunday at 4pm. It wasn't a typical English class. Since Joy and Bun Sok has WWOOFers staying with them occasionally, so she will introduce them to the children. One of the children stayed in Malaysia for 2 years. His name is Jun Song (준성). He recognized me as Malaysian at one glance! Shocked! In my heart, I felt somewhat proud to be Malaysian. ^__^

I brought my lapT and camera. I showed my family's , KLCC's, my cousin's wedding and some Malaysian food's pictures to them. They were shy but very hyperactive students! Before I returned to Bonghwa, I gave them 1 ringgit note as a souvenir. Seriously I couldn't think of anything to give then but I remember that I had lots of 1 ringgit note with me because of Hari Raya hahaha. They were so happy!

As always, my morning walk picture. I walked a bit further than the Shaman's house and met this stream.

Greenhouses for tomato. Autumn scenery is just magnificent. I guess Seorak mountain probably at its autumn peak now.

Purple salad.

This is the 'open kimbap'. I ate this brown rice every single day. My diet is totally gone.


We dried the millet and pepper beside Bun Sok's home. The weather was good!

See that half moon?

I'm gonna miss this place. Bun Sok invited me to come again on November for Kim Jang (making kimchi festival) at her house but I can't cause I will be around Daejeon at that time.

I helped Bun Sok to mark her student's diary. Hahaha..a breakfast could make a MAN!
The korean word there is doenjang chigae. I loveeeeeeee Bun Sok's doenjang chigae. I can eat it every day.

Jaesan's children. Jun Hee is so shy. Hahah..

From Left: Hwe Jong, Ji Hae, Yu Mi, Jun Song, Jun Hee, Hyon and Gwang Su.

I gave them 1 ringgit note as souvenir. They loved it!.Bun Sok is far left.