Millet day

Joy said that there was frost early in the morning today. So, we had to harvest the pepper earlier even if they are not red. It took us around 2 hours to harvest all of them and later we put it under normal temperature to force them to become red. Bun Sok said probably the quality would not be good.

We had guksu for lunch. Just noodle with anchovies broth plus as always kimchi. ^__^ My favourite is dried radish and dried pepper leaves mixed with gochujang. The taste was marvelous. Bun Sok prepared a lot of them for winter cause they could not get fresh vegetables, so they had to eat dried vegetables. She dried them earlier of June.

Later in the afternoon, we harvested millet. Hmm..This is my first time of hearing millet..ngehehe. Millet is from grain family. The plant looks almost similar to wheat but the taste is different.

I didn't bring my camera today during harvesting but here are some of my pictures of morning walk.

A shaman house.

Dandelion - remember the movie starring Hyun Bin and Lee Yeon Hee; A millionaire's first love?
Yeon Hee blew a dandelion.

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Anonymous said…
unnie, everything looks super fine & beautiful over there..
i've been following ur blog everyday now,checking for new post.. heheh
but, gotta stop for a while.. trying to work my a** off to submit my thesis proposal ... wish me luck!

unnie, soar high!~