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I managed to read half of the book when I visited Deoksu palace. It was Chi Won's and she lent it to me for a light reading. hmmm..since my uncle's passing, the message in the book is much clearer to me now.

It is a book about death. How death affects our lives and how we perceive it.
Once I'm back, I'll definitely find this book. It's indispensable. It taught me that we are just human and one day we will die but we keep forgetting that fact. The most important person is the people around me and I need to treasure the moment.

Incidentally, Bun Sok's brother-in-law's father passed away too yesterday. We discussed a lot from death, mother's love, one of her wwoofers' story - Denise, her doggies and even about my love life. Hahaha..Chatting with Bun Sok over a pile of garlics would be in my memory forever.

It was 12 degrees and much lower before I went out for my morning walk.

This is where I stay, next to Joy and Bun Sok's home. WWOOFers stay in a separate house.

Pokok keembung. It grows here in the mountain. Shocked!! Hehehe, one of my favourite flowers cause it is so easy to grow. I'm not much of a green hand.

Bun Sok picked some wild flowers for her home.


We made some seasoned sesame leaf. It is sooooo delicious!
The ingredient = soy sauce, anchovies, radish, onion, garlic, hot pepper and kelp. Soak the sesame leaves for 1 week, drain and reheat the liquid and soak the leaves again for another week.

My breakfast - nurungbab (the crust of burnt rice). Bon Suk made porridge of that crust. Simply delicious and with side dishes fish fillet, kimchi, laver and anchovies.

Later in the afternoon, the weather was warm around 24 degree and we peeled the garlics to make winter kimchi.

Bun Sok in action.

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Man Fai said…
so now u learn how to make traditional kimchi.
Come back Malaysia make some wor. (^^)
O~jie said…
yikes!i just bought the same book to read!!coincidence or what?!heheh
make seasoned sesame leaves when u get back ahhh :D