My first Couch Surfing Host: 1st Oct - 4th Oct in Gyeonggi-do

Is it too early for requesting couch host? Hmm..I just tried my luck last night looking for one in Couch Surfing. Fortunately, a lady from southern Seoul replied. Her family is very kind to accept me from 1st until 4th October because during that time there would be a very big festival going on - Chuseok.

Seoul would be kinda less people and peaceful during that time cause the Seoulites would be going to hometown to pay respect. I was abit hesitant to barge into a korean family, afraid that if by going there during Chuseok would be very rude of me.

But she's more than glad for me to come during Chuseok. It feels great! I can't wait to experience that festival.