Japanese eyes v/s Korean eyes

Could you differentiate that? Some people think that it's the same but to me it's not! Although most Koreans and Japanese have one-lid eyes but they are still different. This is not a comparison whether Koreans are more handsome or beautiful than Japanese or vice versa but more towards you-are-still-pretty-or-gorgeous even if you have one-lid eyes.

Bi/Rain is mighty fine with that smiling eyes. I would kill him if he ever dare to do plastic surgery on his eyes. Yahhh..I'm kidding! Bi, please don't ever do anything with your eyes, I just like it the way it is. Lee Joon Ki, Kim Jong Kook, Daesung (Big Bang), Yoo Jae Suk just line up some of my favourite men but Heechul is exceptional. I favour Heechul for his weird, eccentric behavior not for his looks. Big eyes..hmm..my eyes are big and just as beautiful as Heechul's hahaha...

As I am watching Cinderella Man starring Kwon Sang Woo (my favourite but not anymore after he married Sohn Tae Yong..hahah) now, I browse some interesting youtube videos on the koreans v/s japanese eyes. Weirldly..I still favour one-lid eyes.

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