National Geographic: Seoul Walking Tour

I love walking when I travel which justified my weight loss and gain the same amount when I return to my ol' plain jane life. Hehe..just like oreo ads, now you see it, now you don't. Gosh..I love to deviate from my topic don't I?

I did a lot of walking when I travelled in Japan and double of that in a short span of time while I was in Hong Kong with Tutie. I remember she said that her legs will break in matters of second if we would not stop walking. Those memorable walks almost killed us but when I think back, it was hilarious. We covered unknown neighborhoods and corners in Hong Kong and I felt like going through places in one of Wong Kar Wai's movie!

My Korean friend, Jiny said that walking in Seoul is similar to walking in Hong Kong Island while Tokyo is like in Kowloon. Hmmm...will I survive this torturous walk of life? No wonder Korean girls are so slim and svelte! You don't even have to exercise with Seoul itself is hills and mountains by nature. We will walk up, up and away!

What is my point here??

Well..because I love to walk, I don't mind to walk alone to enjoy the scenery and beautiful architecture in slow motion. But, never without a guide or plan before attempting. I managed to print out some guided walking tour from Hong Kong Tourism before going there. Theirs were detail and precise. 99% you would never stray from your path.

I was thinking to do the same while in Korea but there's no recommendable guided walking tour featured in Tour2Korea or even HiSeoul. But...after so much web surfing whole day in between of handling severity issue aka my job, I found this gem from National Geographic.

What?? National Geographic? Isn't National Geographics about polar bears, greenpeace, no nuclear please and recyling is the best policy? What does it have to do with tour to Seoul? I am totally perplexed. But who cares when the very thing that I need is here --> Seoul Walking Tour.

Thank you so much National Geographic for doing this. My shining amour in disguise and lighting my path when I will be loss in Seoul. Won't I? Perhaps not.

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