One of many reasons why I choose Korea as my next WWOOFing assignment is to push my comfort zone level. My friends think I'm crazy to rough it in a language barrier country. Korea to name a few. Before this, I WWOOFed in Japan, Chiba area and learned the language decently in my own level hehe. Fortunately, I survived. Besides making a klutz of myself in a middle of nowhere with a very old grandmother finding my route back to Oohara.

After I return to Malaysia, I stumbled upon a very neat learning system online for learning japanese: JapanesePod101. Why I call them a neat system is because it helps, completes, guides and the most important thing is you don't have to go to physical class. What I learn in years is shortened in merely months and KoreanClass101 is the perfect bonus since it is under the same roof.

I gauge that somewhere between the lines will happen in Korea too and body language by far helps the most in dire situation. Nevertheless, I believe it's just human nature to help others when someone else is in helpless condition. Just to prepare for rainy days, I start to learn the language. Honestly, korean is hard. If I compare it to Japanese. The pronunciation just twisted my tongue..haha. Anyway, either korean or japanese, both languages sound very cute to me.
Aja-aja Fighting!!

Get the free lesson in 7 days from KoreanClass101 and if it helps you like it does to me, go and subscribe!

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