WWOOF and me

My first experience with WWOOF was when I did my first solo-travel to Japan. WWOOF stands for willing worker of organic farm. You may exchange a few hours (ranging from 4 to 6 hours) of working at organic farms for accommodation and food.

It came to me by accident. Japan; being among the most expensive country to visit or travel normally just prevent a middle income person like me and everyone else to go. Some people said that it was just not worth it. WWOOF is the cheapest option that I had.

I was really crazy on japanese culture, language and JPop at that time and I am still now. I decided long time ago to study the language and promised myself that I would go to Japan, no matter how.

I have created an exclusive blog just for my WWOOF experience here.

Since WWOOF is almost applicable to all countries; South Korea also have their own circle of organic farmers registered under WWOOF. The idea is excellent and once again I would opt for it.

My plan would be to WWOOF either in Gwangju, Gangwon-do or Gyeonggi-do. For Seoul, it would be just purely fun, fun and fun!