My travel dates

I will be flying from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to Incheon, South Korea - direct flight by MAS (Malaysia Airlines) on 29th September 2009 at 0100hrs. Look at the date - 290909.
Haha..Excellent! This one is a one way ticket.

Return, it will also via MAS (Malaysia Airlines) but this time it is a return ticket. Returning to Malaysia on 26th December 2009 and return to South Korea on 29th December 2009. Surprisingly the return ticket is cheap!

Both tickets was bought during air travel promotion with MAS (Malaysia Airlines). Please bear in mind, I'm a budget travel freak!!

Initially I plan to do a few airport transits and feel that way would allow me to experience culture of different countries. However, the urge to really travel South Korea extensively defer my intention to do the transits.

I intend to stop in Bangkok, Thailand a few days and also Taiwan a few days. will be too tiring. Furthermore, my budget just not allow me to do so.

I plan to use RM5,000 max which is approximately USD1,400 for the whole 90 days travel.

Can it be done? I hope it will. Pray for me^^

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