Mount Seorak 2D1N Trip

This was my second time (3rd March 2013) checking out Seorak Mountain with my guests from Singapore; Rina and RedOne for a 2D1N excursion.

My first time to view autumn foliage at Mount Seorak (in November 2013) for a day trip failed miserably you can read it here so not to repeat my unsuccessful attempt.

We have booked The House Hostel which is about 15 minutes leisure walk from Sokcho bus terminal. Cozy and nice.

Tip: If you plan to do serious hiking; make sure you come fully prepared. We came wearing jeans, shirt and sneakers and by the time we reached a steep area we hesitated and blew up our chances to enjoy more amazing sights. *sigh...*

Anyway, let's start our journey...

I took a taxi to Hoehyeon station (line 4) to meet my guests at 5.00am.
Then we took the earliest train from Hoehyeon station to Gangbyeon station (line 2) for the Dong Seoul Bus terminal.

As we arrived quite early, we grabbed some coffee for breakfast at Toms & Toms and maybe I lost my mind somewhere that I forgot that I had ordered Tomaccino...kinda like frappuccino on a freezing day...well...crazy me. I know..hehe

We took the 7.30am bus from Dong Seoul Bus Terminal to Sokcho Bus Terminal and surprisingly we reached Sokcho in less than 3 hours!

First, we found Abai Village- a must must go if you're a fan of the Autumn In My Heart Korean drama series. Song Seung Hun Oppa...kya!! Okay...he's definitely my oppa..keke.

and another nice surprise, the restaurant visited by 2D1N's reality program was just right in front of the jetty!

Then off to the Mount Seorak!

Try the Biseondae Course of Mount Seorak. You won't regret it. 

I won't tell much this time except the freaking cold weather and the awesomeness of the mountain. You can check the rest of the pictures i myn Facebook: zemoneko at gmail dot com.

Anyway, the most important part should be the budget:

This is per pax budget

Subway ride from Hoehyeon to Gangbyeon - 1,150 won x 2 = 2,300won (by T-Money)
Tomaccino for breakfast - 4,800 won
Bus to Sokcho (return) ~ 17,000 won x 2 = 34,000 won
Lunch - 13,000 won per pax
Taxi to Mount Seorak (Return) ~ 30,000 won / 3 pax ~ 10,000 won per pax
Mount Seorak entrance fee - 2,500 won
Cable car ride - 9,000 won
Coffee at the cable car station - 4,000 won
The House guesthouse = 35,000 won (low season price)
Dinner - 33,000 / 3 pax = 11,000 won
Coffee @ Caffe Bene' = 4,200 won

Total is roughly at about 130,000 won.

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Unknown said…
Hi, is there any chance of seeing snow capped mountains on top of seorak?
Anonymous said…
Salam sis Zarina~
Act I've been following your blog for quite sometime and Thank you for being so informative bout things regarding Korea. It sure helps alot, especially on planning my trip there. Just wondering about that restaurant that you visited at Sokcho town (since I'm planning to go there next Spring)...what exactly did you order that we're able to eat? and I read somewhere that sokcho is famous with squid sundae...that is non halal right?

Thanks in advance~ :)