Part Time Job Offer in South Korea

Hi Everyone,

As you know that I would most............. probably stay until end of November 2012, I am actually looking for those who are interested to find extra money as:


You must be or have:

  • Muslim - I don't want to be bias to other faith as many of the tourists are Muslims, so if you're not a Muslim, it would be hard for you to cater to their needs OR the tourists don't have their faith in you. (am gonna be honest here ^^)
  • In South Korea - very very important
  • Speak and understand Korean Language and English - not necessarily fluent but conversation level will do
  • Service mindset ^^ - This is really really important as I want YOU to have fun at work cause if you feel forced to earn or make a living, you won't feel like living at all and not enjoying what you do.
  • Honest - As I can't enforce this value in a person, it's something that you instill in yourself.
  • Have vast knowledge or keen to expand your knowledge about South Korea. 

This somehow feel like a hard core interview..hahah..reminds me of when I was looking for a job back then.

If you're interested, send me an email at zemoneko at gmail dot com and we will discuss the terms and conditions further.


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Unknown said…
What about the jobdesk?
Dae Eira said…
Salam sis..
boleh tanye berapa ye buget utk 6 hari utk 2 orang kt korea nt?
Zarina BT2K said…
I will do the job desk, you just need to be punctual and be an amiable and helpful tourist guide . ^^
Feia Kamil said…
Akak, I want! :)) Boleh lulus ke ek? ;p
celine cute said…
Assalamualaikum kak zarina.. saya salina.. kita jumpa kat kto ngan namiseom haritu.. hehe giler nerveous jumpa akak.. cam jumpa artis2.. haha..
actually sy g korea haritu bawak kwan2.. 18hari dgn 2group of friends.. anyway, sy jumpa kedai jual dosirak haritu... Ada dia pndah kat tp bgunan tu..;))