Olleh WiFi Prepaid Internet in Korea

Last week, I was playing with my Iphone Wi-Fi settings and unintentionally connected to Olleh unrestricted Wi-Fi connection and it popped to a Safari window prompting me to key in a Wi-Fi prepaid ID.

Since when has this been around? Not too sure but so far I could whatsapp and facebook-ing via the application with the unrestricted Olleh connection and that's only if I was lucky.

The next day, I went to GS25 just right down the block. I asked the GS25 guy for the Olleh Wi-Fi Prepaid ID and he gave me a blank look. "Yahhh..don't you even know this service?!!" I was about to say that to him but I didn't with the weather so nice and sunny outside why should I tarnish the mood right? Hehe..

So he asked his friend and the other guy immediately print me a receipt. Awesome..that's the kinda of service that I expect from a Korean. Fast and fast and reliable. 빨리 빨리!!

How do you get connected?

There are 2 types of connection fee:

  • 1,100 won if you want only 1 hour connection
  • 3,300 won if you want a 24 hours connection

Olleh WiFi Prepaid ID can be bought at most of the convenience stores and even online at Olleh KT's website.

I bought the pin at GS25 convenience store.

The ID can be used for any smart phone, tablet, pad, laptop, netbook as long as there is Olleh Wi-Fi connection detected from your devices.

However, you can't share the same ID for simultaneous usage on all your devices but you can switch the ID to another device once you finish with the connection.

Easy and clear steps.

Register the PIN and you're ready to surf!

For example: If you just bought one ID and you have a smart phone and a netbook; you can use it only in either of the device. Once you connect to your smart phone, your netbook can't share the same ID. If you want to use the ID on your netbook then you need to transfer the ID.

My review on Olleh Wi-Fi Prepaid?

Not bad..in the subway was pretty fast. So many establishments have Olleh WiFi SSID and it's pretty convenient. However, don't expect to find Olleh WiFi SSID everywhere around you. The further I went out of Seoul..the less connection there is. Practical in big cities but not so in the rural area.

Follow them on twitter here: http://twitter.com/olleh_expats
Another worthy Olleh KT for Expat: http://expatblog.kt.com/

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Man Fai said…
Olleh Wifi service....

Sound like the Brazil football song...
Kalau bwk iphone dari malaysia, boleh pakai kat sana?
Feia Kamil said…
I didn't know you are not aware of this, akak. Guess I discovered it earlier. Kekekeke. ;p
Anonymous said…
To be honest, that's not worth it. Olleh has a plan for expats with no contract terms for about 54,000 won a month (or even less) that gives you access to all those Olleh wi-fi spots. Even if you're on one of the plans with data caps.
Anonymous said…
hi kak zarina, i thought i met you this autumn at itaewon mosque(when ied adha praying being held), however i've been hesitated to greet you first since you look a bit busy that day :D.
Anyway, i want to ask something regarding this post. is it mean that i could connect to the olleh wifi connection, without purchase the prepaid card for voice services?the thing that i need to buy only "Wifi prepaid card" to get the PIN number, so it means we don't need the username as well, isn't it?
alodia said…
Thanks for this useful post. How do you call them in Korean?
Anonymous said…
Im using an olleh wifi egg and im paying 11,000 ₩ monthly 24/7 anytime...anywhere
Zarina BT2K said…
Hi anonymous,

that is a 2-year plan and 500mb of data per month? or it isn't?

are u able to get that price if u only come as tourist?
Anonymous said…
Olleh wifi.. No user name required. Its only asked for PIN n email address for registration.