My 3 Seconds Fame On KBS World

This is pretty ages ago if I mention it now. I know that somehow or another, a few of you had seen me on KBS World for 가족의탄생 or Birth of a Family. The episode was aired on 31st December 2011 but the actual shot was taken about 2 weeks ahead.

Actually it was a coincidence. My classmates wandered around Hongik and I just tagged along for a bite of Baskin Robbins in front of the infamous Hongik park (where Jang Geun Suk and Moon Geun Young's Mary Stayed Out All Night was shot).

When we arrived at the park there were some filming staffs positioning their cameras and stuffs..ding dong!! "Someone famous will come!" so we thought. I hate crowds and would rather avoid it but my friends were pretty excited if we could get a shot at being famous! Hahah..yeah right! *rolling my eyes now*

We saw Kim Byung Man (KBS Gag Concert) and Lee Hwi Jae (We got Married and MCs for many variety shows). Hwi Jae noticed us at the park. Yup..because were so "alien" from the rest!! he asked the staff if he could film a foreigner in the program. After he got the greenlight, my friend Eden tried the Slack Line and the rest was history. ^^ Nope, I didn't get Kim Byung Man or Lee Hwi Jae's signature. No regret whatsoever..but if I ever get the chance to watch Gag Concert Live, only then will I reconsider.

Watch the video here and for the 3 seconds or so where I am famous..haha.

Watch after 7:17

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farah liana said…
yey masuk tv! kejap sgt ish cameraman ni
Faramin said…
wah,sis.sangat clear wajah.
Anonymous said…
Wow can see you so clearly Ja Ri Na!
gina said…
wow! so cool!

i even shared ur link with my friends.

take care~
Unknown said…
Haha!! Unni...that's why i felt so familiar while watching that episode! Good Job! =)
Lovely Ayun said…
DAEBAK!!! nampak akak dgn jelas pada 8:01 .. nmpaknya KOREA salah satu tmpat berTUAH akak.. fighting!!!
aida said…
Hurray for Zarina. A step to fame.
MK said…
Zarina! Daebak! This is so cool!!