Muslim Prayer Room in KTO Headquarter, Seoul

This is my first time praying in KTO Headquarter, Seoul. The place is near to Jonggak Station (Line 1, dark blue) and Gwanghamun Station (Line 5, purple). If you see the huge shell statue in front of the Citibank building, just walk straight along Cheonggyecheon stream and you will not miss the building. In front of the building you will see the TIC- Tourist information center and walk down to the basement from there and you will walk into KTO - Korea Tourism office. The prayer room is on the right of the main reception while the wudu' room or toilet is to the left.

KTO - Korea Tourism Organization office. Recognize
the 'i'? It's for tourism information center and from there
walk down to the staircase to the basement.

I miss strolling on a fine day at Cheonggyecheon but the weather
was so chilly. Passed!

So pretty even in late autumn. *In denial of the coming winter* ^^

Come here to get discounted admission tickets.

The prayer room or 기도실 pronounced as 'kidoshil'.

It's quite spacious about 3x3 metres.

This signboard is just next to the prayer room.

Wudu' or ablution room. It's actually a handicapped
toilet so use it sparingly.

Press this button to open the door to the ablution room.

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Anonymous said…
Salam sis... I am fr spore n will be arriving in Seoul on Monday morning n will be there for abt 10 days. Just wondering if you can help us with a list of halal restaurants available in Seoul? Thanks a million.
Zarina BT2K said…
Please check out my posts under label "Korean food" or "Halal"
Lily Riani said…
Thanks for the info. it valuable.
LaLa mhdnor said…
wow, korea...
i wanna go there, maybe one fine day, hahaha
tell korae that i love korea <3
annua,r sani said…
Salam saya annuar ingin membawa keluarga ke seoul. Saya bercadang hendak ke everland Dan saya baca dalam website KTO yg mereka ada sediakan tempat solat disana. Boleh Bantu saya utk cari lokasinya disana.sebab x de org yg beritahu lokasinya elm internet.Nami island da dpt. Tks a lot if u cud help.
Zarina BT2K said…
W'salam annua,r sani,
Sila download info dari post ni