Leeum Museum, Itaewon

Min Young and me went up to Itaewon for this elegant museum on a gloomy Sunday. The weather has been gloomy, rainy and cloudy for the past few days and will continue so. T_T Chi Won, my CouchSurfing host recommends this museum as it's kinda different.

The nearest subway station would be Hangangjin Station, Line 6, Exit 1. It is just one station away from Itaewon. Since we stopped at Itaewon Station, we went out of Exit 3 and walked up the hill following the GPS from Min Young's phone to go to Leeum Museum. 

Leeum Museum of Art is owned by Samsung and it exhibits modern and traditional arts. Although I didn't fully understand the concept or meaning behind modern or contemporary art, I really love viewing them especially when they are quirky. But the traditional arts displayed in this museum was truly engaging and captivating. It was hard to describe my feeling in words. They are just awesome!!

You won't miss the huge spider in front of Leeum Museum.

The entrance to Samsung Leeum Art Museum.

The locker for umbrella is really cool. It comes with a lock.
We left our umbrellas here and then we totally forgot about them. T_T.

The admission fee for Samsung Leeum Art Museum is about 17,000 won
(10,000 won for regular exhibition and 7,000 for featured exhibition)
At the time we visited the museum there was a discount given and
we just paid for 13,000 won for both exhibitions. 

A cool staircase. We couldn't take pictures inside the exhibition so 
there's nothing much we could do about it except feasting our
eyes on the marvelous Joseon Dynasty arts to our hearts content.

The current special exhibition is 'The Court Painters of Joseon Dynasty'
running from 13th October 2011 until 29th January 2012.
The only reason I came was for Kim Hong Do's paintings.
If you watched the Korean Drama -  The Painter of the Wind
featuring Mun Geun Yeong and Park Shin Yang, you'd better
not miss this exhibition. 

Official website: Samsung Leeum Art Museum

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Unknown said…
aigoo...the stair caught my eyes a.k.a my camera lenses...
MK said…
Oh. I've been wanting to check out this museum! Thanks for the review :)
Zarina BT2K said…
The museum is real awesome!
Zarina BT2K said…
Do check it out later if you have the time.
miss tito said…
salam kak zarina,

saya nak tanye psl korea.Kami pergi ber-4 dari 13-21 oct.Bercadang nak cover seoul-jeju and busan (tapi x tau ape yg best kt busan.hehe). Tapi saya nak minta cadangan akak. Better saya pergi seoul to busan by ktx then busan ke jeju by ferry. then baru jeju to seoul by flight? is it consider save budgect? hehe
or aka ade csgn lain...
Zarina BT2K said…
W'salam Miss Tito,

KTX is most expensive, ferry is second and flight is the cheapest. Do the math please^^