How to Purchase Tickets from T'Way Airlines for Jeju Island

After becoming a member, let's book a flight ticket to Jeju Island!

Go to T'Way Airlines website:
Follow the steps below. To become a T'Way Airlines member, check the post here
  1. Choose Login
  2. Key in user name
  3. Key in password
  4. Click Login to go to the next page.

Once you successfully logged in, the word '로그인' will change to '로그아웃' which reads 'log out'
To book ticket to Jeju Island, please refer to the picture below.

국내선 예매 - Domestic reservation
여정선택 - Journey or itinerary selection
왕복 - Round trip
편도 - One way
출발지 - Origin
도착지 - Destination
가는날 - Date of Departure
오는날 - Date of Arrival 
김포 - Gimpo
제주 - Jeju
성인 - Adult
소아 - Children
유아 - Infant
-인 - Person / people
만 2세-12세 - Between age 2 to 12
만 2세 미만 - Less than 2 years old
프루모션 코드 - Promotion code

예매하기 - Reserve

Choose the date that you want to go and how many people/children/infant that you want to book then press the button to go to the next page.

As always, choose the cheapest according to your time and plan. I have chosen the dates and time as above hence the total price is 69,200 won roughly for less than RM200. Then, press '다음' which means next.

You will be prompted to confirm on '여정 운임규정' journey fare rules. Tick the box and press the button '확인' for the next page.

The details of your itinerary will be shown for your confirmation and the 'xxxxxxxxxxxx' are your details. Press '입력완료' for input/details completion.

Key in your details of payment. 
First, choose '해외카드' International card under '카드구분' section. 
카드종류 - Card Type - 비자 Visa, 마스터 Master, 아멕스 AMEX
카드번호 - Card Number
카드만료일 - Card Expiration
After that, press '결제하기' for payment. 

This is your booking details. Click '예매 확인 증' which is highlighted in pink to print the booking confirmation.

Click the 'printer' icon to print.

Good luck in booking a flight ticket to Jeju Island with T'Way Airlines!!

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XCB said…
zarina.. they accept our malaysian credit card??
XCB said…
zarina.. twayair accept malaysian credit card??
Zarina BT2K said…
xiao cha bo,
yes, they accept malaysian credit cards.
XCB said…
hi zarina,
thanks goodness u reply my comment.
I'm having hard time actually trying to get tickets from twayair..
r u living in korea ??
How come u manage to decipher this booking process?
Zarina BT2K said…
Xiao Cha Bo,
I'm in Malaysia but will study in Korea this coming November ^^.
Deciphering the booking process is not easy but doable, thanks to Naver dictionary and my Korean friends.
Anonymous said…
how to put our identity? i don't understand Korean words.. must we put our passport number?
Anonymous said…
salam, kak

terima kasih byk2 ats tutorial di atas. selamat dh sy book tiket..hehe

nk tny,
1)once kte dh print tuh, mmg booking dh selesai lah kire ye
2)die mmg tak mintak CVD/CVV n pasword mcm booking airasia ke
3) cmne kalo kte nk retrieve/check balik kte pny booking n itinerary?

thanks byk2 kak for ur great help!

Zarina BT2K said…
Hi anonymous,
you must be a member first. please read this post again and you will find the instruction
Zarina BT2K said…
W'salam Ajlaa,
1) once printed, that's your booking your number and it's confirmed
2) nope, no CVD/CVV needed
3)login back to the website as member and you could check your last made booking

Adlnxa said…
Salam zarina,
I read that we dont hv to book domestic flight online. Just buy fr counter mcm naik bus je. betul ke?
Faruq (SIN) said…
kak. tompang tanye eh
is t'way airlines the cheapest after tax also? and how much is the baggage limit? extra must pay?

thanks a lot (:
Zarina BT2K said…
Salam Faruq(SIN),
Not necessary, you can check Jeju Air too. It depends on the promotional ticket.

I got the Jeju Air ticket from Jeju Island to Gimpo Airport for 30,000 won (inclusive of fuel surcharge and airport tax).

The best thing was, I booked it only a week before. ^^
Zarina BT2K said…
Salam Faruq(SIN),
T-Way or other budget airlines carry in is 10kg. I think my carry in weighed more than that but they don't really check.
joyce said…
Ms Zarina, can you please show me how to enter the personal detail? i not understand the korean. thank you so much for sharing
Anonymous said…
Can I ask do they have free luggage check in? If yes, what the weight allowances?
Zarina BT2K said…
you are allowed to bring on board luggage maximum 10kg
Anonymous said…
hi zarina, i want to ask about purchase ticket twayair..
why after i fixed the price and i click next, a website not loading and i already try 10 times and i get same thing, do you have any idea about this problem?
Zarina BT2K said…
I really can't answer this, u just need to retry. Maybe they were having glitches at the website? ^^
Anonymous said…
How to check-in luggage? Do we charge additional fee for check-in luggage?
Anonymous said…
OMG. very useful guideline. bru lepas book tiket T'way Air. Kalau xde blog nie, memang x dapat la nk book tiket murah. Thanks...
Anonymous said…

To anyone who can't load the next page after tickets selection, pls try on IE instead of Google Chrome/Mozilla. It worked for me. Hope it helps...
Anonymous said…
Hihi.. can I know this flight is safe or not? Good reputation? On time? because never heard of this flight b4... only heard, jeju air, eastar...
Can tell me details? TQ so much...
reen said…
Hi, I tried to book the flight using your guideline but I'm stuck at personal detail screen. What is the most right label asking for? I dont know what to select in the dropdown selection. Please help me. TQ!
Anonymous said…
Hi Zarina,

Tks 4 ur useful guide & i managed to register the membership w/o any sweat!! Cheers to u again.

Just wondering how do i book through Jeju Air? I'll need to fly from Busan to Jeju. Looks like T'way doesn't fly to/from Busan/Jeju....Look forward to your reply. tks
Anonymous said…
kalau kita wat carian tarikh,xkeluar list flight,maknanya tempahan masih belum dibuka ke?
Zarina BT2K said…

yes..wait maybe 1 or 2 months before or try other flight - jeju air, busan air
Anonymous said…
Hi Zarina!

Thanks a lot for the post. It's really helpful.
I'm currently trying to book air tix to jeju from wat you have taught. However, i have a slight problem at the payment stage. I cant seem to find the "international card" words like what you've posted.
can you help me with it pls? :(
Thanks lots!
Anonymous said…
Hi Zarina,

I've managed to book already!.. got an email from them.. Thanks lots!
Anonymous said…
How to register as a member of Twayair before I can follow your steps to book cheap flight, CJU-GMP, 28oct12?
Anonymous said…
Salam akak,

Thanx for the info. Bguna sgt2. Btg mne nk klik kalo nk tgk previous purchase? Sy xde printer skrg ni....

Kalo print email yg drg hntr as ininerary ms nk check in, blh x?
Anonymous said…
hi ,

i just wondering do we need keys our details inside the booking .Guest name and passport no
Anonymous said…
hi zarina ,

i would like to ask do we need to do online check in like in airasia?
Anonymous said…
hi, can i link this to my blog? thanks :)your post has been helpful
Unknown said…
hi kak zarina. your guidelines is really work! i already register a member of Tway. im plan going to Jeje on this coming Octorber 29. when i check the flight schedule, it appear word likes 'no inquiry schedule". it is same problem when i check eastar jet. may i know what happen?
Anonymous said…
Hi Zarina, need your suggestion. I've booked T'way Air from Jeju to Gimpo, I found a field of nationality that states that I'm from HK in the e-ticket sent to me, I'm Indonesian anyway, is it ok?
Anonymous said…
terima kasih banyak2 for this info. berjaya sudah pembelian sudah secara online.
Jack said…
Hi... I was just wondering... What if I want to book the flight from Busan to Jeju and then from Jeju to Seoul? Coz I can't find anything that says 'busan' on the list... Sorry...
Zarina BT2K said…

Refer to