How to Register for T'Way Airlines

I've been comparing and searching every nook and cranny of all available flights in South Korea for the cheapest flight ticket to Jeju Island this November and found T'Way Airlines to be the cheapest! ^^

At the time of search; 15,000 won for one way.

Before we book the ticket, let's go the steps to become T'Way Airlines member, shall we?

Firstly, go to T'Way Airlines website:
Look out for '로그인' which corresponds to 'LOG IN' at the top right corner of the website.
Once clicked, the next page will appear.

Click '회원가입' which means membership.

Follow the steps.
  1. Tick the box for foreign residents
  2. Key in your first name and last name, date of birth and sex.
  3. Press '확인' for confirmation.

Tick the boxes to agree upon the terms and conditions and press '회원가입 계속 진행' to progress to the next page.
Here you have to key in your details following the steps below:
  1. No need to fill up. Your last name will automatically appear.
  2. No need to fill up. Your first name will automatically appear.
  3. Choose your own ID and press the button next to it. You will be prompted with this dialog box.

  4. Press the red button '아이디사용' which means, you can use the id.
  5. Key in your password and reconfirm.
  6. No need to fill up. Your date of birth will automatically appear.
  7. Key in your email address
  8. Key in your address
  9. Key in your mobile number. If you can't find your initial number eg 012, just choose anything.
  10. Press the button '회원가입 하기' to progress to the next page.

Finally, your membership registration is completed!! Press '회원 로그인' to login immediately and start your booking. ^^

How to book the flight ticket? Hmm..see you on the next post, ok?
I assure you that it is much straightforward than registering for membership. *phew...*

Fly bird, fly!
Video courtesy of JohnLeeKr

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