Meeting a South Korea fan

Last Tuesday I met Chrystal; one of my blog readers and my good friend Fydah. We had dinner at Bubba Gump, Sunway Pyramid together. The food was nice and the company was great. All in all, I am glad that we met! Chrystal will be going to South Korea in May for about a month and she is curious about the whole planning and preparation as she will be traveling alone this time. Based on her past experiences, she has done backpacking numerous time with her friends and I am totally confident that she will survive in South Korea even going alone.

Chrystal 씨, 한국에서 즐거운 시간 보내세요!

My dinner, BBQ beef ribs and chicken thigh. This
goes straight to my chubby cheek. ^^
Chrystal and me doing the "small heart". My friend, Fydah- she's
from Keningau, Sabah.

Big heart.

Definitely will come again. Burpp..Alhamdulillah.

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guest said…
hai! pernah ke Daejeon x? Ape tmpt menarik yg boleh dilawati kt sane? Em, masjid kt seoul jauh x dengan Grand Ambassador Hotel (former Sofitel Hotel)? Cane nk g masjid tu dari Hotel tersebut?.. Thanks.
Chrystal said…
오! 사진을 잘 나왔네요~~~ ㅋㅋㅋ
자리나언니 와 피다언니를 만나는 거 너무 좋고 밥을 잘 먹고 이렇게 얘기해도 너무 좋아요~!
꼭 즐겁게 놀고 말레이시아에 돌아와서 얘기 할께요~
언니도 시험에서 최선을 다 해요! 화이팅~ ^0^


It was great fun meet both of you~ Hope we can meet up again! :DDD
Zarina BT2K said…
Hi Guest,
Saya tak pernah pergi Daejeon.

From Ambassador Hotel to Seoul Mosque in Itaewon
Take Line 3(orange) from Dongguk University subway station, transit at yaksu Station, Line 6 (brown) - go to Itaewon

Check out my post

Zarina BT2K said…
Chrystal 씨,
저도 같은 생각이 있다.^^
앞으로 다시 만나자 우리!
guest said…
thanks a lot.. blog yg sgt bgs.. sgt2 membantu utk mereka yg nk ke korea.. tahniah dan teruskan..
Haart said…
hello, I just came across your blog when searching for "KBS building" by Google :D
I was a little surprised to see 1 Night 2 Days show in the post, ( a fan of the show since 2009) so have spent some time looking thru your posts! Opps! A truly Korea fan! Just like me ^^

I was a fan of Lee Seung Gi and have been to Seoul for 2 weeks last November! Nice to see you sharing your travel tips here, maybe I should start in my blog too!

I don't use blogspot, but having a wordpress blod to fangirl LSG and 1N2D! That'd be great if you are interested and come to visit it to share the Korea love :D Just go:

Nice to know you!

Zarina BT2K said…
Hi Haart,
Thanks for stopping by. Wow..I really could see that you definitely heart Lee Seungi. Nice blog!!