Free Korean Lesson in Seoul

These are FREE Korean lessons done by volunteers in Seoul vicinity.

Yeoksam Global Village Center

How to go: Gangnam Station, Line 2, Exit 1 or Yeoksam Station, Line2, Exit 3. Map is here.
Contact details:

Heekyoung Han - Tel : 02-3453-9039
Kayoung Oh - Tel : 02-3453-9038

The people in Yeoksam Global Village Center is organizing free Korean language class for 16 weeks starting from . There is no fee required but the students have to purchase the text books. The program is offered only for foreign residents and the goal is to help them to understand Korean culture more by understanding Korean language! (My sentiment indeed ^^)

What I like about this website:
It organizes a volunteer program which allows you to mingle with Koreans. This might be weird for you but whenever I travel to another country, I love to join this sort of program which allows me to mix around with the local more. I just have to have a taste of living there for real. ^^ So, if you have run out of ideas where to visit or what to do in Korea, why not get involved in charity? Giving out is good!! * I sound like a preacher? or a mother? haha..*

They have done the likes of:
  • Lectures and performances on traditional cooking, tea ceremony, art, and many others
  • Sagunja Painting
  • Candle Making
  • Volunteering at St Mary's Hospital
  • Oriental Flower Arrangement

Korean Study Room

How to go: Sookmyung women university station, Line 1, Exit 2
Contact details: Haemin 010-3374-9389, Sanhyun 010-6807-8985

It's free, just pay for the books. A very kind and big hearted Lee Sunju started this program to help foreign residents understand Korean culture more by understanding the language. Her aim is to teach Korean abroad one day! ^^ So, this Korean Study Room is her base to jump for more.

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hanie said…
Korean tourism dkat menara hap seng pun ade buat kelas on weekdays la pulak.. =_="
Zarina BT2K said…
itu la pasal, susah la plak kan?
Wen said…
Weekdays and within office hour so it just fits for students. Takperlah, I must thank to you Zarina for sharing several sites to learn Hangul.