Another site from 'Korea be inspired' series to share your experience about Korea. The campaign is to promote Korea via social media like Facebook, Twitter by sharing and telling your part of stories. ^^

Learn the 4Cs:

  • Connect - via social media
  • Captivate - by sharing
  • Communicate - to the world 
  • Create - new things

The best part of this site is it's like one single hub for all Korean lovers who have been to Korea to share their experiences, tips, unforgettable memories and many more. It's a pretty slick idea right?

Stalk the site at

P/S: I know that I'm a bit late in telling this..but they are running a contest to go with the campaign. Unfortunately, 10th January (which is today) is the last date to register. - -^. Hurry!! Better late than never...hehe.

The prize?


Steve Jobs?!!, just the Macbook Air. 

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Lily 84 said…
sis..thanx for the link..btw, saya da cmne nak letak pics tu kt blog yer?thanx for the help..

p/s: cant wait for ur next post..keep writing sis :)
Zarina BT2K said…
you don't have to put the pic at your blog. just put the URL will do. ^^
Lily 84 said…
oh, thank you sis :)